Saturday, May 10, 2008

Main Street Electrical Parade - Part 2

On Part one's post (link) I mentioned a rumor of the Main Street Electrical Parade coming back to Disneyland. Nothing new to report, but there's more “Farewell, Main Street Electrical Parade” stuff to post so here we go.

Here is the invitation to the Annual Pass Holder Farewell Parade held on October 17, 1996. Pete's head is showing thru a little cut-out window on the cover.

The inside, Pete sure does look bright and shinny on this thick black paper.

The ticket itself, nice art work.

Neat stuff on the back that says by you walking thru the gate, Disneyland can use your likeness on film or video and pay you nothing. Say "Cheese" for the Mouse.

And lastly, I know you wanted to see the envelope, so here ya go.

See you on Bonus Sunday!


Major Pepperidge said...

I am not a "parade guy", I usually think of them as something to be avoided. But the Main Street Electrical Parade was an exception. I liked seeing it again at DCA, but love the idea of seeing on Main Street again!

Anonymous said...

I quite agree with Major. When a parade was coming up, my group would take a consensus: "east or west?" and be on that side of the park during parades. In over 40 years of Disneyland attendance, I don't think I've seen more than 3 parades, but they were magic considering how they made lines disappear.

-Katella Gate

Jason Schultz said...

I was at this "farewell" party. But before it even took place, they extended the parade's stay over another month after the party!

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Major and Katella, I must admit I am the same way. When the time for the parade comes around I have two thoughts: "Stay away" & "Shorter Lines!!!"... Progressland, what was the actual last date?

Jason Schultz said...

Well the actual "last date" for Guests ended up being November 25, but then it performed a few times at the Cast Member Christmas Party in early December...