Friday, May 23, 2008

Indiana Jones & Disneyland Hong Kong

Today's post it an odd mix of new things, welcome to the way my mind works.

Up first a few new items from Disneyland to commemorate the opening of the new Indiana Jones Movie. This flyer was being handed out in the parking lot. It talks about the Adventure Map game which I did not get. It was getting crowded and the weather was turning very "Texas". I got out before I could find an "Adventure Map". If someone has one, please scan it for me. (Update - here's the map from Disneyland Website: Link)

A new "Your Guide to Disneyland", the last cover was the super Matterhorn shot, now this nice one! The art department is on a roll.

Indy FastPass. I didn't hang out to use it. By not using it did I take away someone else's chance at a fast pass or did I make the standby line move faster? "Sorry" or "Your welcome".

Now to travel 1/2 way around the world and at Christmas time yet, how unrelated to Indy could this be? Disneyland Hong Kong, I think this is from last Christmas (correction, its from 1999), hey only $650 for an annual pass!

High resolution copy of the map here (link - 12mb)

This map was 19 inches long so even in the BIG scanner the legend has to be scanned separate.

Rules and Regulations. Seems a little more of a tight ship than Anaheim, not really a bad thing necessarily.

Tomorrow: Another Camera Tour of Disneyland, this time in 1963.


Major Pepperidge said...

If I happened to be in Hong Kong (yeah, that'll happen!), I would go to the park there. But otherwise I am WAY more interested in the two Tokyo parks. So far the Hong Kong park looks like it has too little to do.

Jason Schultz said...

But Hong Kong is the closest you can get to bizzaro Disneyland now that Nara Dreamland is gone!