Saturday, May 3, 2008

Souvenir Saturday

Today we have two neat little items for Souvenir Saturday. First up, a Disneyland Hallmark Card from July 10, 1962.

Usually the hand written text is pretty standard dry stuff, “Having fun, wish you were here”. However, the author (“The Gababouts”) of this card had an eventful small airplane trip to get to Disneyland. From trying to gain altitude in Death Valley to landing in Van Nuys with a broken radio. Since they had to drive to Long Beach to fix the radio, why not go to Disneyland and Knott’s!

Here is it flipped upside down.

Fascinating information on the back side, the author states “We have one more ticket for one more ride, then we will go”. I wonder what ticket they had and what did they use it on?

Today's other Souvenir is a “Little Golden Book” from 1955. Disneyland on the Air, I guess at one time they considered doing the TV show from the Opera house. This little book does confirm that. It also shows how impractical it would be. Here is the cover and a few pages that show Main Street, oh and Donald!

See you tomorrow on Bonus Sunday!


jedblau said...

Great card. Those are pretty rare, by the way. You're fortunate to have one.

Daveland said...

Digging the cool artwork on the Hallmark card! The book art is also beautiful.

Unknown said...

I love the book. What a great find!

Major Pepperidge said...

Love the card...I have two (or is it three? I forget!) from this series, unused. Of course they all feature artwork that was used on the famous "PDL" postcards (which were also Hallmark).

As a rule I like my paper stuff unused, but when they have an account of the trip as nice as your example, it adds to the fun!

Matterhorn1959 said...

I will third (or is it fourth) the card comment- very nice card. I have a bunch of earlier ones, but I do not have one from the 1960s series. Very scarce and I love the cartoony artwork and caption in the vein of Cracked and Hot
Rod Cartoons.