Thursday, May 1, 2008

20 tickets in one book?

Those familiar with Disneyland Ticket Books will recognize the “11 Adventure” book or the “15 adventure" book. Older folks might remember the “Big 10” and “Jumbo 15” books, and if you go WAY back, you might remember the original “8 Fabulous Rides” book. But how many people remember the “20” ticket book?

These are the rarest in my collection, and up until recently I had very little information on them. I still don’t have a lot of info, but here’s what we know.

June 1963, this Child Special Guest Book in a special blue color. Oddly, this book has all 8 of its “D” tickets left, but no other tickets?

June 1964, this Adult Special Guest Book gets a neat purple color. There is only one “A” ticket left in this book; someone had a Great 19 adventure day in 1964!

June 1965, this Junior Special Guest Book has one neat “D” ticket left, another happy guest!

This is a page from a fantastic and rare 1958 Disneyland Catalog. You can find the entire catalog on Jed’s great blog, “Vintage Disneyland Goodies” (Post link). The first thing for sale in this 1958 catalog is “Gift Ticket Books for Giving”. Listed are the standard “Big 10” and “Jumbo 15” books, but also the “Golden 20” book. Note; the “plus 2 free tickets” are the same type as the “Bonus” tickets from my previous post (link).

And here is one of those “Golden 20 Books”. Looks like a special serial number prefix of “B” then “G” or Book/Golden?

These are the first style of ticket books that had the “Welcome” message on the blue sheet. This book may look like the books for the next 30+ years, but notice the “C” ticket is in the 3rd of 4 positions; there was no “E” ticket yet. Also the letter “C” is in black print, not the familiar purple it will get in 1959 and retain until 1982.

The inside of the back cover did not list the attractions until June 1959, prior to that, this area had this neat little message about ticket books from Tinker bell.

The 1958 “C” ticket. 8 of those 11 attractions are still in operation today. I am in no way counting the current Astro Orbitor as the 1956 Astro-Jet, especially since the original Astro-Jet mechanism sits up on top of the people mover platform to this day.

This is interesting; this card (currently on eBay #290227048654) is also from 1958. This was for corporations to give their employees discounted tickets. I don’t have any of those books! Yet.

By the way, there was a 13 ticket book too (a future post!)....


Major Pepperidge said...

I would LOVE to have one of these 20 ride ticket books in my collection. But I am picky, it would have to be unused!

I do know somebody who has at least one mint example, but he's shy about sharing his collection. Otherwise I'd try to get some scans for you.

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

I hear you about wanting a full book :-) I got most of these with bundles of ticket books, I have never seen a unused one... Major, try and talk that shy guy into giving out a scan or two... Pretty please...

Major Pepperidge said...

Well, I'll try, but I can't promise anything! The main thing is that he doesn't have a scanner, so I would have to borrow the books (knowing him he has several, since he is a hard core ticket book collector).