Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Disneyland - 1955 Bank of America

Most Disneyland fans and collectors have seen this 1955 Bank of America Disneyland Guide. It’s a great piece of original opening year history with some super neat graphics. I am posting this for a reason as you'll see down below.

There are actually two versions of this guide, this would be version 1. The second version is slightly larger and the back page has the “550” branches slashed out in red and changed to “Now more than 600 branches!” See both compared on this great website: finddisney.com

When you open the first part you see the Disneyland Branch.

Fully open you get this big map of the park with all its UPT concessions’ goodness. The second version has a smaller map but with a large colorful boarder, buy one on Bay now (link). I like the art work better on this one.

The backside. What, only 550 branches?

This is the section you see when you unfold the brochure half way. I have looked at these Money Orders for years wondering if there are any out there. I don’t think they offered these for very long, I have not seen them in any other printed materials. Look at the $10 money order, the “Steam Boat” is a side wheeler!

Well, now I have seen one!!! It’s on eBay right now, $99 opening bid (Link to item #300223636761). It looks better in the picture than in the guide. I sorta/kinda want it. I wonder what it will sell for?

I suppose posting this auction here on the blog might increase its price. Believe it or not, this blog gets several hundred unique hits a day (surprises the @#$& out of me too). So IF one of you out there gets this great item, could you please send me a scan? 1200 DPI TIFF, front and back would be swell, thanks!


Jason Schultz said...

And then will you post the scans so we can all print out our own money orders? ;)

Can we look forward to this/these on Bonus Sunday? There's lots of great, odd nomenclature in them that isn't used anywhere else!

Matterhorn1959 said...

I know of several people who have this in their collection. I have yet to see a $5 or $10 denomination.

Major Pepperidge said...

I love the B of A flyers. The second one is nice because it unfolds into a nice big illustrated map, much more colorful and playful! Ya gotta get one of those!! ;-)