Friday, May 30, 2008

Gift-Giver Extraordinaire - Guess the Prize

After watching the debut of the Disneyland TV Show last night, I stayed up late and watched the "Kraft Theatre", then "This is Your Life" with Ralph Edwards. So today's post is a light one.

As part of Disneyland's "30th Birthday Year" these Gift-Giver Extraordinaire tickets we given out, I am guessing you got one as you went thru the main gate. This ticket has not been "Scratched Off". Try and guess the prize. Check back later this afternoon, I will be "scratching off" the prize and posting the results. If you guess correct, I'll split it with you.*

From the back of the ticket, here is the list of possible prizes. Notice this contest is open to persons age 3 and above, what's a 3 year old gonna do with an 85' Buick?

For the Lawyers out there, here is the entire back of the ticket. *Notice the January 31, 1986 expiration date. If we split the prize, we might need a time machine to collect it.

Check back here later for the prize results.


*********** What a surprise ***************

Well there's a fine "how do ya do"! Oh well, at least we got to see that high tech band printer font telling us "Sorry No Win"... Maybe we'll have better luck next time, I have a few more tickets.


Unknown said...

Hello, there. I was just ruminating over at Photos from the Parks about the relationship between Disney Parks and GM; this really underscores that pact.

Hmm, I think you would've won a plush but the Passport seems like the better deal to me.

Jason Schultz said...

We didn't win anything?! You could have at least done some Photoshop work for us!

Major Pepperidge said...

Did they use the "Gift Giver" for the 25th anniversary as well? Or was it the 35th? I thought that was the year that visitors got a pin, like the one shaped like a star with Pegleg Pete (pointy version, or later safer version!)...??

Jason Schultz said...

For the 35th Anniversary Disneyland used the Dream Machine. Dreams are a lot cheaper to produce than gifts!