Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Tony's Ticket Collection & other park ramblings

I spent the entire day Monday at Disneyland, it was a great day, medium crowds and mild weather. I stopped into the Opera House lobby to check out the pictures and models and what do I find??? VINTAGE DISNEYLAND TICKETS!!!! This is a new display, there was a neat display for about two years during the 50th anniversary, then the display case has been empty for a while.

Guess who's tickets are in that case now??? Tony Baxter! How cool is that? The entire set is beautiful and in mint condition. I had heard Tony collected tickets, and it sure shows here. Check out this first picture, Tony had a special "Jumbo" ticket book printed with his name, I can't tell if that's a real book or not, it's really well done.

I think this plaque was in the case from the previous display. Notice the opening day ticket above the plaque! Nice touch Tony! Sorry the pictures aren't too good, the CM in the lobby was watching closely, I must be the only one he has seen get that excited to see this display. He kept trying to tell me about the show and the other displays!

Fun little show in front of the castle.

Now this is just getting sad folks... She is slowly becoming part of the landscape, weeds growing out of her and the planks are starting to pop out here and there. How about a more graceful exit for the old girl?

I never noticed this sign before, is it new from the recent Splash Mountain refurb?

Speaking of critters, check out the cute kitty I spotted sitting under a chair at the Hungry Bear, she didn't move as I got closer, but this is as close as I got, I didn't want to spook her.

This critter was not about to be spooked! I asked him to hold still for a picture and this is what I got? Ain't he cute!

Oh and guess what? I'm a winner! I finally won something in the Year of a Million Dreams promotion. It only took 12 visits!

Tomorrow: 1950's Gate Flyer Comparison day.

UPDATE: Daveland has a sweet cat photo from Monday too (link)! Also, Major at Gorilla's Don't Blog asked a question on Dave's blog about who feeds the cats. Here is picture of two "Feeding Stations" these are just north of the rear stairs for the Hungry Bear eating area. You can also see them clearly from the train.


Daveland said...

Congrats on the Dream Pass! Funny - Monday was the first day I got a shot of a cat at the park as well.

Major Pepperidge said...

If Tony B printed his name on a real Jumbo ticket book, I'll never forgive him! ;-)

So odd, Daveland posts the first pic of one of the legendary cats at Disneyland that I've ever seen, and the very same day you post one too!

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

That's a heck of a "cat" coincidence or maybe there are just LOTS of cats? That Jumbo book sure looks real; you can even see tickets in it. The printing looks very authentic, with the proper fade and streaking. If it’s real I suppose it “sacrilege”, but… I want one!!!!

jedblau said...

Great photos. Did Tony include all of his opening day tickets and his "Day at Disneyland" book with the little attraction sketches?

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Hey Jed! No such luck, only the 2:30pm ticket was in the case and no "sketches" book... I think Tony put together this collection for the average guest, maybe in hopes they would recall some of the old tickets. It's funny; I have every item in that case except that 2:30pm ticket and an old "C" ticket. I know my collection is silly compared to what Tony must have! No disrespect to the average DL guest, but I don’t know if they would understand the significance of those rarer gems. It’s still a great display, I hope I wasn’t too much of a nerd staring at it for 15 minutes!

Anonymous said...

Nice to see some of Tonys collection on display. But I can safely say this is not his complete collection. Nor are his Rare Gems there. I have sold my Disneyland collection to Tony a while back and at the time viewed his collection. He has a very complete collections with many tickets that I think might today be one of a kinds.

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Hi dl59Nut! I knew this had to be Tony's "Run of the Mill" stuff, although its all mint! You sold a ticket collection to Tony? WOW, email me if you have a minute, I think I have a few (thousand) questions.... THANKS!!!

Futurama said...

I seem to remember that Critter Country sign from around the time it opened-but I think it was brown.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Tony has a jiminy cricket ticket in his collection. I have one for sale