Tuesday, May 6, 2008

What, no Fantasmic? May 6th 1992

May 6th, 1992, as the ashes of Los Angles were still smoldering from the riots just days earlier I decided, “Let's go to Disneyland”. I Figured the crowds would be low and I could get to see the new “Fantasmic” show I had heard so much about.

Well, it wasn’t crowded; in fact, it was as empty as I have ever seen it. Zero lines and zero people, it was odd, but acted as a great distraction, since I live in Los Angeles and had just seen a total breakdown of society.

But there was no Fantasmic show that day. There really wasn’t any mention of why it wasn’t showing and I wasn’t aware at the time that it was scheduled to open on the day of the Riots, April 29, 1992. Source: Wikipedia (link). Can anyone verify that date as? I understand anyone can supply info to Wikipedia, so you never know.

From Wikipedia: "The original Disneyland soft-opening and press premiere was scheduled to begin Wednesday April 29, 1992 and continue through the weekend. By late afternoon rioting began in Los Angeles following the acquittal of the Los Angeles police officers involved in the Rodney King beating. Promotional materials with the catch-phrase "Be Here When the Night Ignites" were quickly pulled from public circulation."

Here is the Guide I was given at the gate on May 6th, 1992. Guide print date is 1/92. Isn’t it nice how I folded it as much as possible?

This is the Guide I should have been given and was given out after May 13th, 1992. The print date is 4/92.

The front cover folds out to a super 4-page layout of the new Fantasmic show!

Here is a cute page from the back section of the Guide.

Both of the above guides will be included in their entirety this coming Bonus Sunday.

I found the neatest thing at Disneyland yesterday - tune in tomorrow to see! No it wasn’t riding Thunder Mountain 4 times in a row (a two minute line) although that was FUN!!!

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