Friday, November 14, 2008

Disneyland Album - TV Guide January 1955 - Part 2

From January 8-14, 1955, this TV Guide has part two of a four part series called “Disneyland Album”. You can see part one from last weeks post here (link). Check back next Friday for part three.

Arthur Godfrey sure was popular in the 1950’s, here’s a great Normal Rockwell portrait of Godfrey on the cover.

As we see it” Just think, before TV everyone was “running in all directions vainly seeking amusement”… And the TV Teletype – New York page: "Sammy Davis Jr. will do his first TV entertaining since his recent auto accident”.

Here are the Disneyland pages, Fantasyland – Second of a Series. I know, these really have very little to do with Disneyland the park, take it up with TV Guide!

Something for the girls - Hair-Do’s Ahead. Channel listing for New York City – January 1955.

Wednesday’s listing showing the Disneyland TV show, part 2 of Treasure Island. There were a total of four shows in Color for the entire week (hey, that's twice last weeks count); two of them are on this page!

Friday night’s listings, for those of you who are only a couple of decades old, TV used to simply end late at night, the screen went to static and snow for several hours. The static and snow was actually more entertaining than some late night TV these days… George Gobel, I remember him from Hollywood Squares.

And last, the TV Teletype for Hollywood. Lucy and Desi sign a multimillion dollar deal with CBS to continue their show thru 1957. Check out the deal James Mason made with Disney to star in 20,000 Leagues.

Come back on Bonus Sunday for the complete issue.


Major Pepperidge said...

Was it really necessary for that diagram explaining which Disney character was which?? I know that I had no problem!

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, the great "Normal Rockwell." Wonder if Norman ever met him? ;)

Tee Stark said...

Cool blog you got!

Anonymous said...

Arthur Godfrew ran a very popular "American Idol"-type contest for years. Does Miami still have a huge Arthur Godfrey Boulevard named after him?