Sunday, November 23, 2008

Bonus Sunday & Knott's Before and After part 5

Welcome to Bonus Sunday. Up first, from Friday’s Disneyland Album - TV Guide January 1955 - Part 3 post, here is the complete TV Guide. Loads of fun 1955 stuff in here!

TV Guide Jan. 15-21 1955 – 24mb

This one is for you Katella Gate:

Heading back for one last look at my recent trip to the farm, here is the current Knott's map. It's HUGE, which does make up for the flimsy tissue paper it’s printed on.

Lot’s of detail on this map, for the high resolution version click here (Link – 24mb)

More details on the back.

One last before and after I forgot in the previous posts. Here is Deadwood Dick’s Grave on 1950’s post card.

Deadwood Dick is still dead. They either did a great job “recreating” the wooden tombstone or it's the same piece of wood that’s been there all along.

I have not seen this vintage fire engine in any old photos, has it always been at the farm?

Now for a little bit of “what’s gone”. The issue of "what’s gone" at Knott’s could constitute an entire blog on its own, there is so much vintage Knott’s that is gone without even a trace. So, I’d like to bring up these “recent” missing attractions, as I seem to recall they were there not too long ago.

First and foremost, WHERE IS THE ORIGINAL BERRY STAND???? It was at the farm in 2002/03 I’m sure of it, the stand had an old pickup truck next to it and both we located near where the Church of Reflections used to stand.

I sure hope the berry stand was kept somewhere at the farm, at least backstage in storage.

And second in importance is the Little Chapel by the Lake. This was a trademark building for Knott’s Berry Farm. I know they took it out to build a roller coaster (Silver Bullet I think) but what did they do with it? This is depressing, it would be like taking the Bears out of the Country Bear Jamboree, oh wait…..

And last up, indulge me as I get just a little more depressed. This was the entrance to Knott’s Bear-y Tales. Unused and…

Un-maintained. At least sand and paint this please.

As fans of Knott’s Bear-y Tales remember, the attraction had you exit via a ramp the let you out downstairs in the arcade. Well ramp is still there.

Very, very unused. Oh the many times I ran down that ramp just to go outside and run back up the entrance ramp to ride this fabulous attraction again and again.

The arcade looks remarkably the same. The games have been updated (in technology and price) but otherwise this room is so unchanged it’s like visiting my grandma’s house.

Hopefully I have not lost any of my faithful readers with this Knott’s before and after reminiscing all week. I really was surprised at how much old Knott’s (mostly Ghost Town) still exists so I’d thought it would be nice to share.. Next week we’ll get back to some cool vintage Disneyland stuff.


jedblau said...

I am far from being a Knotthead, but your last few posts have been fantastic. Thank you so much. It makes me want to take the kids there asap before they rip out anything else.

TokyoMagic! said...

You haven't lost this reader. I will miss your Knott's posts! Would love to see before and after comparisons of the Candy Parlour and Steak House (now an arcade and pizza parlour respectively....sad!)

That fire engine used to sit in front of a faux firehouse facade that was located between the Haunted Shack and Cordy's Corner at the entrance to the Roaring 20's. It was kind of set back, so it wasn't very noticeable. Where is it today? It was kind of difficult to tell from the photo.

The Original Berry Stand has moved around over the years. I have childhood pics that show it next to the Candy Parlour, but when I worked there in the 80's, it was where the loading station for Silver Bullet is now. When I last visited the park...about a year and a half ago, I was shocked that it was gone and I asked at Guest Relations about it, but nobody even knew WHAT it was. They brought out a supervisor and she was completely clueless as well. How sad is that? Walter and Cordelia are probably spinning right now.

Since the Original Berry Stand and the Haunted Shack are now gone, then I'm willing to bet the Little Chappel by the Lake was bulldozed. Probably the only reason the Church of Reflections was moved and not torn down, was because it was a real church with real weekly services. Every Sunday, we would see the church goers come into the park and then leave after the services. Oh, and then there were the weddings that were regularly held there too.

Chris Merritt said...

Thanks for a great series!

The "original" Berry Stand has been demolished for some time time now, and actually - wasn't even the true original one used in the 20s on Beach Blvd. It's a complicated tale - best told by Phil Brigandi, I'd say...

Katella Gate said...

Thanks for the "Norby" ad. The artwork's kind of funny, is the lady in the drawing excited for her husband? or just excited to get a new Maytag Highlander Automatic Washing Machine? 50's clipart could be so ambiguous.

Thanks also for the Knott's Week in Review. I honestly haven't been to KBF in 15 years for various reasons, but from what I've seen in your posts, I've been to Magic Mountain once, and the New Knott's looks like it's aimed for the same demographic.

Anonymous said...

You can find some more "then and now" photos of Knott's on the Orange County page of my website:

-Phil B.

Anonymous said...

Bear-y tales was a wonderful dark ride that was so great and's sad the bears have been gone for a very long time.Someday i would love to join the imageneering department at disney And revive Bear-y tales in the same form or different way for fans to enjoy again.thats one of my main things to do in the disney imageneering department along with reviving old disney rides and making new ones.

Dave said...

I know this is a old blog....but I was looking for some Knott's info and found it. I grew up in La Palma and went to Knott's all the time. Before the fence went up there was no admission and a cheap Sunday for us. I thought I might revisit *I live in WV now) but it is so changed that I may not. Thanks for the great series!