Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Walt Disney World - 1972 Special Ticket

Let’s take a close look at a special Magic Kingdom Club ticket for Walt Disney World. Dated 1972, this ticket offered up all kind of fun options. I want to try the Trapper Canoe.

Alcoholic beverages are not included unless specified” so there! Notice the Globe paper, it’s a little different than the attraction ticket paper. The water mark "Globe" seal is similar, but on this ticket it states “Globe Ticket Company”, on the attraction tickets it states “Globe Ticket Safety”.

Here’s a 1972 “A” ticket from Walt Disney World, you can see the different seal wording and the pattern of the background it wavy, not checkered like the special ticket above.

Gotta have some color! I love the Mickey Ear balloons.

This post was supposed to accompany the 1972 Walt Disney Word Vacationland I posted last Sunday (link), somehow I got my posts mixed up, like that’s never happened before…

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