Thursday, November 13, 2008

$99 Annual Passport - 1989

Here’s a neat little flyer from 1989. It’s not dated, but looking at the block-out dates on the back, it matches up to the summer holidays of 1989. It’s interesting how you can still get a (Socal Select) annual passport for near this price.  When did the annual passport start? I've heard it was 1987?

The Premium Passport has nearly doubled in cost, still worth it, especially if you use it 17 times, 18 counting today – yes I’m at the park again today!

And for some color, here’s the cover to version 1 of the “Your 1989 Souvenir Guide”. Those of you (Progressland) who watch the blog closely will recall I posted version 2 of this guide back in September (link).

Check back on Bonus Sunday for the entire 1989 version 1 guide.


Daveland said...

While you’re at the park today, could you pick me up one of those $199 Premium Passports? Wow! What a deal!

Major Pepperidge said...

You're telling me that you have been to the park 18 times this year?? Wow. I haven't gone for over 2 years!

Matt said...

Ahhh, those were the days. I still have my AP from when I got it in February 1989. Just a laminated piece of paper with a picture in the middle. I paid the extra $$$ for parking, and the way they indicated that you paid for parking was that there was a pink line on the back of the AP.

Anonymous said...

How can 1989 be almost 20 years ago? It just seems like yesterday. Must be something wrong with my internal clock.