Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Magic Kingdom Club Coupon - 1959

Here’s a great coupon from 1959. For use by Magic Kingdom Club members, this magical coupon let the holder buy special ticket books. "Magic Key Books" or the extra special “Golden 20 Books".

Neat little spreadsheet to add up the total, what do you think the top section with the blank amounts was for?

Here's a back of one of the “Golden 20” ticket books, for a full post on “20” ticket books, follow this (link).

Since we’re in 1959, here’s the cover to a really fun Vacationland, it’s the Winter 1958-59 issue. Includes articles on; Guided Tours, Wonderland on Wheels, a Disneyland Photo Quiz and More!

Great centerfold with a rare sighting of the Viewliner!

Check back on Bonus Sunday for the entire issue of this Vacationland.


Major Pepperidge said...

Looks like you have a serious collection of Vacationlands! You're right, any shot of the Viewliner is rare -- and welcome.

Anonymous said...

you have a serious collection of Vacationlands!

PTA Transit Authority said...

Looking forward to this one on Sunday too Tim. Thanks