Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Parking 25 cents?????

It's hard to imagine that parking was once only 25 cents at Disneyland.. I'm not great in math, but it seems to me the current $11 is way out of whack. I guess Disneyland is still trying to recoup the cost of building the largest free standing parking structure in the United States.

I don't have a date on this 25 cent ticket, but I know its one of the early ones. I have others that look very similar, but they have more "Sections" and "Aisles" than this ticket.

Here's a neat parking ticket. Also not dated. No mention of California Adventure. I think this a commemorative ticket of some kind, but I have no details. If anyone knows when these were used, please let me know.

The back of the ticket has some clues; "Disneyland Resort" when did they start calling it that? Notice it doesn't really show the parking lot, it this that period when the old lot was closed, but the new parking structure wasn't finished yet? I remember going to Disneyland in the late 90's and parking in the big open area off West street, just south of where the big structure was being built.

I have a favor to ask of my Disneyland Blogger Friends. I took this picture last Friday night in a vein attempt to get a decent shot of the Castle Overlay (you should see how poor the other ones came out!). While the Castle is OK in this picture, notice all the Orange Trees??? I didn't even notice them when I was there. This is taken from somewhere on the way out of Tomorrowland and south of the main hub. Here is my question; Are these original orange trees? I reviewed some very old photo's of this area (thanks to Daveland, Gorilla's Don't blog & Stuff from the Park) and sure enough, there were orange tree there in the late 50's, not so sure about the 67 redo.

Anyone know if these are original? Are there other original orange trees still in the park. Photographing these original trees will be my mission on my next visit, so any info you have would be welcomed.

Welcome to 2008, how's it treating you so far?


Jason Schultz said...

The Pinocchio card is from between 1998 and 2000. As you surmised, it was kind of the main lot in the time period between the closing of the "100 Acres of Parking" and the opening of Mickey & Friends. I always liked parking in Timon, but then it kept getting smaller and smaller and then they kicked APs out of there altogether!

Those orange trees are not original. Based on their location, they appear to be part of the 1998 Tomorrowland landscaping theme of "Agrifuture," where all the plans were edible.

Anonymous said...

lol hey about your 25cent parking ticket, lol i have 1 and on the back it has written my wish come true elvis p, was my grandfathers and he kept it in a recipe book, i have no idea how much its worth or anything any help? n no i dont have it authentic, anyone who looks at it will know