Thursday, January 3, 2008

Date Nite at Disneyland - 1967

For a brief time in the 1960's you could attend "Date Nite" at Disneyland. I don't have many details about when or how often these "Date Nites" occurred. Were they special events or just for summer nites or ?

This ticket book is from May 1967. I love the back of the book, the dancing couple is too cute and they totally remind me of the cartoon Darrin and Samantha from the Bewitched opening title scene! Seems like a bargain at $6.50 for two admissions, but it's only 5 rides each, However, since you could not enter the park until 5pm, 5 tickets each may have been enough.

Unfortunately, this rare book only has 2 "A" tickets left in it, but you can get good idea of how the other tickets looked. It's just a regulation May 1967 "A" ticket (although it is on the unique 2 year only "Castle Paper") with the snazzy dancing couple printed in Blue in the the middle of the ticket. The serial number is unique also starting with "N"

The back of the "A" ticket does have a special message only found on these "Date Nite" tickets. "Good only after 5:00 p.m., when Disneyland is open after 10:00 p.m. And when ticket books are on sale" That is fairly unusual as most tickets I have seen have no time restrictions.

The Welcome message is the same text as the other ticket books. However, the reddish/purple ink was used from 1958 thru 1973 is Blue on this ticket book, again, fairly rare.

May 1967 ticket books include the new Tomorrowland, and this attraction list is plenty full.

I can't find much info about date nite on the web, mostly just crude notes from peoples "adventures" on date nights. If anyone has more info on date nites, please let me know.


The Viewliner Limited said...

This is truly the coolest ticket book. Never seen it before. Perfect example of what blogging is all about. Thanks for sharing.

Jason Schultz said...

Date Nites began in 1957 and might have happened every year into the 1970s. Some of the early Disneyland newspaper advertisements just seem bizarre, like a Date Nite one from 1958 that's all text and is headlined "6 STEPS TO BECOME A BMOD* *Big Man On Dates." The focus seems to be on dancing and live music... By September 1958 they were claiming more than a half-million people had already become "Date Niters." It was held on Friday and Saturday nights, or sometimes just Saturday nights. I don't believe it was year-round, though I have seen advertisements for it outside of the summer season.

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Thanks for the great info Progressland, you are a wealth of information. Sounds like it was very popular, I wonder why there is very little info on the net about it? Well, I guess there is now :-) DO you know if they always has separate ticket books for Date Nite? Thanks so much!

Jason Schultz said...

I imagine there's so little info because it hasn't been held in over thirty years! I had never even thought of Date Nite ticket books, but it makes sense--it was a targeted nighttime event. I never saw the DN ticket books advertised, so I think they might have been part and parcel of the thing all along.

Anonymous said...

First want to say that I've really been enjoying all of the post on your blog. I don't know much about the Disneyland Date Nite's, but I do know that there's a song about them on the Musical History of Disneyland CD set. It's called "Let's Dance at Disneyland," and it's by the The Elliott Brothers. The song says that they occur on Friday and Saturday nights.

Unknown said...

So cool! I went in 1967...thank you for sharing!!

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