Monday, January 28, 2008

The "A" Ticket - Part 1 the 1950's - UPDATE # 3

Well, well, well.... If you've been following my posts regarding the sale of these "first style" of tickets books sold at Disneyland, you might find this fascinating. I predicted these late 1955 ticket books would sell for over $250. I predicted this price based on the fact that the seller just bought them on eBay a few months back for around $350 (actually that auction came with a couple other early 1956 tickets too).

This auction closed last night for $1,125.00!!! That's right, One thousand Two Hundred twenty Five dollars! See for yourself: (EBay Link)

I've seen some high prices for Vintage Disneyland Tickets before, $300+ for super rare. But this seems way out of line. Eight bidders placed 26 bids to bring this auction to stratospheric levels.

I know you slide collectors have paid well over $200 for some classic sets (Hey, I watch that stuff on EBay too!) But this has to "take the cake" for Disneyland stuff that Walt didn't actually sign himself!

A good blogger buddy of mine sent me a scan of a Complete 1955 Ticket Book that his has (I will post it if he says its OK or maybe he will post it on his blog). A suggestion for my buddy; put that ticket book in a safe deposit box and insure it!

While we are on the subject of EBay, does anyone know if this is a legitimate Disneyland Press ticket?

This is currently listed on EBay (180210599334) and is at $20.00. This ticket looks pretty simple and easy to duplicate. Has anyone every seen these before?

Thanks for indulging my EBay hobby (lets not call it an "obsession" even though it is!). If this EBay stuff bores you, just remember, that's where 90% of my collection came from.

Tomorrow we'll get back to some stuff that is actually IN my collection.


outsidetheberm said...

It's sad, but fake items seem to be more and more common on eBay. You have to be careful.
But that press pass certainly looks real.

jedblau said...

The press pass looks real to me...this IS what they look like, that's for sure. Can't confirm its authenticity, though, without seeing it in person. One observation, though...that stubbed corner makes it look like the paper is pretty thick, a good indicator that it's real. The color damage to the paper also bodes well for its authenticity. But I would get some kind of authenticity guarantee from the seller.

As for the Ebay tickets, that seems bizarrely high, but what do I know?

The mystery blogger wrote you back. Did you get it?

Matterhorn1959 said...

The press pass looks the same as mine in my collection. For a while they were not that scarce and would show up at the Disney shows.

CoxPilot said...

My first visit to Disneyland in July of 1955 with my family (father was on business with the State Board of Equalization), and we had a press pass JUST like it. However; it was on white paper originally. I remember carrying it in my pocket to flash it at the ride entrances instead of a ticket. The pass is long gone, but not the memory. (ref: Davelandblog)

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Wow everyone, thanks for all the information!

Viewliner; Yes, I’ve see some blatant fakes and misleading descriptions, “buyer beware” indeed.

Jed; What kind of authenticity guarantee should I be looking for from the seller? I guess he should state where and how he got it?

Matterhorn; You have one? Sweet! (Scan and/or post it, pretty please)

Coxpilot; I was starting to get convinced that this ticket was real from the other comments, after yours I am sure it’s real. July 1955, oh my. 8 million questions come to mind when I hear that! How about I distill I down to one; what was it like????

Thanks for the comments guys!

Anyone else notice it looks like someone tried to remove the "8" in the date?

CoxPilot said...

I read several blogs every day, and most of them have it "right on" regarding the feel of the times. Of course, Davelandblog is at the top of the list (and I've been lucky enough to have some of my babblings posted on his site), with Gorillas Don't Blog, and Stuff from the Park, and your blog all included. It's odd to think that no one has actually seen these images in person. We visited the park about a week after it opened, and then I started work there 4 years later for 6 years. A life defining experience. I would give a lot to do it again, and I would spend all my pay at the souvenir stands.