Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sunday Bonus - Vactionland Spring 1978

A simple Sunday Bonus Today. From Spring 1978, a nice "Vacationland" magazine. The style and looks of these magazines certainly changed over the decades. By 1978 it looks much more professional, much higher production values and lots of COLOR!

This issue has a fantastic multi page layout on the West Coast "Santa Barbara to Monterrey" super photo's and very well done. Lots of ads, and some really neat Disneyland articles too!

Check out the cover! That's a stellar photo's, nice "depth of field".... It reminds of some of the fine slides I see on the Great Slide Blogs!

The Entire Magazine can be download in PDF format here:

Vacationland Disneyland - Sping 1978 (67mb)

Here a few pages to entice you to download the whole thing or they'll make you sure you don't want to download it....

WOW, I am really digging the art work on this Magic Mountain Ad, this would be just before Six Flags took over and turned it into RollerCoasterLand....

Tomorrow; Knott's "B" Tickets - Part 2

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Major Pepperidge said...

Seems like I check this blog every day, and yet I see that I missed a lot of posts! This issue of Vacationland is one that I have, received through my subscription from the time. I certainly never thought about the fact that I would still have it 30 years later!