Friday, March 14, 2008

Main Box Office Pass

I've been wanting to post this Main Box Office pass ever since I started the blog. Since it's not dated I was waiting to find out some more information. I think I found some info, on EBay of course!

First lets look at my ticket or pass or what would you call it? Exchange it for a 15 Attraction Ticket Book, which I am sure included admission too! "Good any time during ____" Hmmm, odd that this never got printed with a date. Can I still use it? I think so..., but I never would.

Here's the back, this must be where the name of the place giving these goes. I wonder how these worked? "With the Compliments of" does mean free right? Ah, Globe paper, and it's thick card stock too!

A close up of the Castle, just because....

Here are two similar tickets/passes on EBay right now. This one is for a Child and it's OLD, 1955-56. No notation about the size of the "Admission Book", this is from when they only had one book. (EBay item #290198696157).

This one seems more like the one I have. It's a Child version, but it lists the 15 attraction book like mine does. Looking at this date, the 1959-1960 seems to be in the same ink as the "15 Attraction" and "Ticket Book". I wonder why mine has no date? (EBay item #290201844431)

And since we're in 1959 and we need some color, here is the cover to the Summer 1959 Vacationland Magazine. This one has some great "Concept Art" for all the new 1959 attractions, they must not have been finished in time to photograph them when this was published so there are neat drawings. Check back on Bonus Sunday for the full high-res post of this magazine.

That's it for today, see you on the weekend posts.


Major Pepperidge said...

Hmmm, those Main Box Office passes are neat, I've never seen them before. I'd love to get that '55-'56 one, but that is a whole lotta money...

Todd Franklin said...

Interesting passes. I wonder if they were given away outside the park like from motels or with a travel package.

Funny you posted the Summer 1959 Vacationland as I just picked this one up and a few more at flea market yesterday! It is a great issue!