Sunday, March 9, 2008

Bonus Sunday - The Complete 1960 Knott's Berry Farm Guide

Looking back at Monday’s Part one of the Knott’s “A” ticket posts (link), I posted the cover of a Mint 1960 Knott’s Souvenir Guide. As promised, here today are the entire 36 pages in high definition. The Full PDF can be found here:

1960 Knott’s Souvenir Guide – 80mb

I love this art work from “Dining at Knott’s” page 11.

Here is the cover and a few neat pages from the guide in case you don’t want the whole thing or if you’re waiting for it to download. I left out page 31 which has a disturbing image of a train robber being strung up on Hangman’s Tree while the crowd watches with glee, it looks kind of real. You’ll have to download the whole guide for that one.

The envelope the guide was mailed in.

Tomorrow we have Part Two of the Knott’s “A” Ticket Series post. There are over a dozen scans in this upcoming Extravaganza so don't miss out!


The Viewliner Limited said...

This is definetly one of those sit-back-with-a-cup-of-coffee-sunday-morning-reading-moments. Thanks very much, this is the coolest.

Major Pepperidge said...

I think I might have one of these guidebooks in a box somewhere (story of my life!), but I don't think I ever looked at it as closely as I did in your scan. What a wonderful record of the park in those glory days!