Monday, March 3, 2008

Knott's Berry Farm - The "A" Ticket part 1

This will be the first part of an in depth look at Knott's Berry Farm's Lettered tickets. This will be similar to my multi-part series posts on Disneyland's Lettered tickets that I started back in November (link). As we work thru these tickets, remember that Knott's Lettered tickets are valued in the reverse order from Disneyland's. Knott's "A" ticket is the top of the line, whereas Disneyland's "A" ticket is the lowest value.

Prior to 1968 Knott's had free admission, the attraction tickets were sold at the attractions and were individualized (See prior individual ticket post link here). In 1968 Knott's "Fenced" the property and started to charge general admission. This policy obviously worked for Disneyland so why not at Knott's! (Nice pun!). Therefore, this multi part series will start at this point in Knott's History.

This undated (boy that drives me crazy) most likely 1968 ticket book is such fun to look at. Great train drawing with the happy 60's family, Dad with his pipe. Looks like "Whittles" is at the controls of the train and oddly, that family is happy about!

These first books do not have lettered tickets, just like the very first Disneyland ticket books (link) This is the "equivalent" on an "A" ticket that would appear soon. These are nice paper stock, with a high grade "stationary" feel to them.

Back of the 1968 book. The inside of the back is blank.

February 1970 Finds a whole new ticket book design. It looks A LOT like a Disneyland's ticket book, no coincidence I imagine.

Globe Paper! Again, if it worked for Disneyland, why not Knott's? The Attraction line up on this Golden Nugget ticket is pretty much the same as 1968 with the notable addition of the "Log Ride". "Old McDonald's Farm" is now just "Animal Farm". The number next to each attraction is it's location on the map shown below.

The term "Pac-O-Fun Book" did not last long at all, three months later the back cover will be completely redesigned and renamed, you'll see it in Part 2. Also, this book has "7" adventures, in three months it will go down to "6".

And now for some color! I have a few of these old full size souvenir guides. Most are pretty beat up, but this one came to me in the envelope it was mailed in. It was mailed from Knott's April 4, 1960 and this Guide is mint! It should be since I opened it in 2005!

I'm will be taking the next few Monday's for the Knott's ticket series. A & B tickets will be longer posts. The C & D tickets were not added until 1975 and then in 1982 they dropped the "D" ticket. Of course I might do more sooner!


The Viewliner Limited said...

Beautiful stuff VDT. Tell me your going to post the complete guide. Please!

Major Pepperidge said...

I have NEVER seen a complete vintage Knott's ticket book, have you?

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Viewliner; The Complete Guide post will be this Sunday, you found out my surprise!

Major, I've never seen a standard complete vintage Knott's book either. But I do have a couple of complete w/admission "complementary" books, one from the late 60’s and one from the mid 70's, I'll post them soon!

Chris Merritt said...

Thanks - great post! I may have a complete Knott's ticket book - but I will have to dig for it....