Thursday, March 6, 2008

Retail Clerks Family Party - 1975

Today lets look at one of these Happy Flyer's that were given to credit union members. This one is for the Retail Clerks Family Party on Sunday October 12, 1975. One heck of a deal for only $4.50!

Here is the envelope these were mailed in. Nice matching theme on the outside! Hey why is this only 2 cents? Non-profit maybe? No date in the postage imprint, I think you get in trouble if you try that today. Do you like my fine photo editing job on the address (I am so lame with editing software!) I did that because this family still lives in the same house! ***UPDATE*** Richard over at Viewliner Ltd. fixed the envelope! Thanks Richard!

This has been a busy week for me and my darn Internet was down for 24 hours (gasp - the horror!) so the posting has been a little light, have no fear, the posts will continue! Even if I have to do it via wireless, which by the way, is painful.....

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