Friday, March 7, 2008

Disneyland Schedule Sheet - April 1964

Today we are looking at a little 4 3/4 by 9 inch Disneyland Schedule sheet. It's from April 1964. For reference, it's "M-26" whatever that means? Looking at the holes in the top I would guess this was in some sort of binder. Were these for the ticket booths? Nah, the workers probably knew these prices in their sleep!

Children under 3 years of age are free.... "However, they must be held by parents on all rides".

Here's a couple of ticket book backs from 1964. I have so few 15 adventure books in my collection and no 1964 ones, I guess most people went for the "cheaper" deal.

Here's an interesting book that is NOT in the Schedule. This is from June 1964, just two months after the "Schedule" in today's post. I have only seen these "20" books from June 1964.

And just for good measure and cause I love um so, here is a 1964 "E" Ticket. I'm in a "Pack Mules" mood, I want to ride on the trail over the tunnel near Cascade Peak.....

Check out this interesting discussion over at Micechat (link). It's called "Would you like Disneyland better with ticket books today?" It veers off into and AP digression, but interesting none the less.

And on a sad note, the "E" Ticket Magazine ceased production. (link). These were a great source for me and many of you as well I bet. Cherish the copies you have, they are already climbing in value on EBay!


Major Pepperidge said...

Wow, I've NEVER seen a "20 Adventure" ticket book! I'll have to ask a friend of mine if he has one or even knew about them. Very cool!

Very sad news about The "E" Ticket Magazine (but not altogether surprising). I first discovered it at Golden Apple Comics on Melrose and bought the then-current issue (issue #13). Then I prompty subscribed and ordered all of the back issues (which were available back to issue #6). Now I think I have all but two issues, and I definitely treasure them all.

The Viewliner Limited said...

I am with you Major ... never seen a 20 Adventure ticket book. For nice VDT.

Mr. Karswell said...

Just stopped by for the first time, really wonderful blog you have going here. I just moved from southern CA back to the midwest where I'm originally from and now I'm missing CA again! Waaahhhh! We have Six Flags Over Mid-America here but it's nothing compared to the parks there... it's my biggest regret about having to move back.

Sad news about E Ticket mag too. I used to work at Golden Apple and met the folks who put it together many times, they were great people with a tremendously informative (and FUN!)magazine.

Adding your link to my blog, keep it up!

mr wiggins said...

A 20 book??!! To die for! Four visits in '64 and never heard of it -- good thing, too; my parents had already leveraged their largesse getting us kids Big 15's into an eternity of mowing lawns and washing dishes. It was worth every chore -- besides having what felt like an unlimited supply of E's, we strutted through the park with the 15 showing in our shirt pockets, feeling somehow superior to the 10-book holders. Just as well we never knew what we were missing; seeing people with a 20 Ticket book would've given me and my siblings a massive inferiority complex. :D

BTW, if the 15 was the Big 15, what did they call its bigger brother? The Giant 20? Mega 20? Gonzo 20?