Thursday, March 20, 2008

Audio Visual Souvenir Day Part 2 or Small World Madness

I hope you like “It’s a Small World” because there is a ton of Small World stuff on today’s post. In case you missed part 1, you can find it here (link).

Let get started with this 50th anniversary Commemorative ticket. This looks like a regular park admission ticket, it even has the magnetic strip on the back. But it has no authenticating printing on the back, so this must have just been for collectors.

Small World Days” This is from a gate flyer. It’s for January 13 & 14, but no year is listed on the flyer. A quick lookup of the ticket prices puts this around May 1971 so this could be January 1971 or 1972.

Here’s a great little 7” record from 1968 with a book as the jacket. This is one of those story telling books were when you here the sound you flip the page.

Here is a page from inside the book. Is this Mary Blair’s work? It doesn’t seem like it, the people don’t look like her style at all. It’s all cute nonetheless.

Here is the record. It’s a 7” record, the size of 45’s, but this little LP plays at 33 1/3 for “Long Play”, that’s why it has the small spindle hole.

Side “A” is the story and “turn the page” part; it really is dry and boring. If someone asks, of course I’ll record it and post! But, Side “B” has an alternate take of the “It’s a Small World” song, I like this version, heck Dave might even like it (assuming I have not completely lost Dave with these IASW posts?).

Up next a neat brochure from 1967, courtesy of Bank of America.

The inside is large and wont fit in my scanner, but wait, guess what? I found a scanner sitting in the corner at work not even being used, it’s a Fujitsu fi5750, it does 12” x 18” scans, WOW! I will test it with the inside of this brochure and post it later today. This is the half before you open the whole thing.

Here is the full inside, 11 x 18 this thing is huge! How does the scanner look? It's hooked to a Windows 2000 machine, so my photo editing choices were limited, the crop feature is weak to say the least.

And by request, here is the Yodeling sequence from my post last week. If you’re expecting “Matterhorn” style music, it’s not here. If Mars should be attacking, this music will make their heads explode! (this paragraph is underlined and I don't know why....)

I guess it's just "A small world after all...."


Jason Schultz said...

I think it's a great song! Thanks for your themed post... it's neat to see these various media pulled together. Oh, and Small World Days were held in 1972!

Daveland said...

Great post...but this time, I decided not to click on any of the audio links!

Unknown said...

KC, great post! The 'Smile in Any Language' scan takes the cake. Thanks for taking the time to put this in!

Anonymous said...

I love the yodeling. It's really quite charming.

The moving camera directorial approach of the first video was interesting but I prefer a static shot.