Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Golden Horseshoe Revue - 1959

Let's see, I'll take a Large Pepsi and a bag of Frito's Corn Chips, here's my 35 cents. Oh boy, it's August 1959, your at Disneyland, it's hot out so you stepped into the Golden Horseshoe for a nice cool Pepsi on ice, some Frito's, a chair, air conditioning and some great entertainment. Hey I did just that last July, except it was Coke, but still on ice. I go upstairs near a window and get a little rest with an ice cold Soda & some chips, it just feels right.

The inside is funny. I only recognize the first one.

And just to stick in 1959 mood, here is the Main Gate Admission from the replica ticket books that came out the with Disneyland; Secrets, Stories & Magic DVD last December. Here' s a link to my review of the replica book (link).

I just saw an incredible Aunt Jemima's Kitchen menu over at VintageDisneylandGoodies.

Since it's still 1959, I'm gonna go get the "Golden Horseshoe Special" 4 buttermilk pancakes with "nuggets of butter", 40 cents!!!!!!!!

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Daveland said...

I really dig those vintage graphics for the Golden Horseshoe - thanks for posting!