Monday, March 24, 2008

Olympic Night Disneyland - 1984

This looks like it was a fabulous night at Disneyland, March 24, 1984. "Olympic Night Disneyland" Sponsored by Coca-Cola of Los Angeles, Disneyland and Security Pacific National Bank.

The 1984 Olympics was an exciting time to live in Los Angeles, I was at the open day ceremonies courtesy of my Grand Father who was an official volunteer. He volunteered over 800 hours from October 1982, thru August 1984 and he loved every minute of it.

WOW, check out the fact sheet. The Olympians are instructed to give autographs and pose for pictures, too much fun!

Besides all the great events, you get free meals, snacks and drinks ("NO ORANGE JUICE" bummer!). You get one free full mean, but then free, unlimited popcorn, ice cream, soda, cheeseburgers, hot dogs and fries!

Looks like management changed their mind at the last minute about free shooting at the Frontierland Shooting Gallery.

Here is a full scan of the booklet that came with the invitation (invitation follows), this is about 6 1/2" by 9".

Next is the Invitation itself. It's a neat "Pop-up Book" style card that's about 8" by 10" when closed. Here is the front cover.

This is a scan of the wording inside the invitation. FYI - That's a non-working number, yeah, I tried it!

The inside only opens part way due to the Pop-up, so I was not able to scan it, plus it would have scanned "flat" sort of loosing the "Pop-up" effect. I took a couple of photos' of the invitation in the open position.

It's fun, I always loved Pop-up books, didn't you?

Here is the nice thick paper envelope all this stuff came in. It's a little beat up, hey it's 24 years old and it did it's job of protecting these neat contents.

Moving away from Disneyland and to the actual 1984 Olympics, here is the cover from my ticket book.

The ticket book had tickets to ten events, the one's I remember going to are; Tennis at UCLA, Basketball at the Forum, Rowing at Lake Casitas, , Track & Field at UCLA, Volleyball, even Baseball at Dodger Stadium! This is my ticket for opening ceremony, July 28th 1984.

Tomorrow - Part 1 of the Knott's "B" Ticket Series.


Major Pepperidge said...

That pop-up invitation is very similar to the one that was sent out for the 25th anniversary. I bought one off of ebay with its original envelope. The seller put the invitation in the envelope, addressed and stamped it, and sent it that way!!

Jason Schultz said...

You're right, Major! I just saw a 25th anniversary invitation immacuately preserved a few weeks ago.

VDT, in defense of management and the freeness of the Shooting Gallery, at that point they still have been using pellets and repainting the thing every night. They need to pay for that somehow!