Saturday, March 29, 2008

Family Fun Party March 29, 1980 - Plus a Bonus

Set your time machine back exactly 28 years from today and you can come to the party, the “Family Fun Party" at Disneyland March 29, 1980. Upon closer inspection the ticket technically should be called “Family Fun Party Night” but that doesn’t sound right. 7pm till Midnight, unlimited use of all attractions (except shooting galleries).

This is the equivalent of the “back side of water

$7.50 for five hours on a Friday night. I’m going to guess the park was also open to “regular” guests as the ticket makes no mention of a “private” party. How good of a deal is this? Let’s look at the ticket prices from the 1980 Disneyland Guide.

For .25 cents more you can get an 11 attraction book or for a $1 more you can get the 15 attraction book and with either you get to stay all day. So do you think it was a better deal to just get a 15 book?


As a special Saturday Bonus to go with the 1980 Family Fun Ticket, here is a 1980 Los Angeles Times Supplement “Happy Birthday to a Dream” Disneyland’s 25th! Scanned on the BIG scanner this 32 page supplement is done in newspaper format “Magazine Style” with each page measuring 10 ½ by 13 ½ inches. It has faded a little as it’s just regular newsprint paper. But it's still fun to look at.

I’ve included the cover and a few pages below, the entire supplement can be downloaded here:

January 20, 1980 Los Angeles Times Supplement (120mb)

The post is over, please set your time machine back to the present or what ever time you like….

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Major Pepperidge said...

Whoa! I have one of these, I actually saved it from my parent's newspaper. Now all I have to do is remember where the heck I put it! Actually I'll just look at your pdf version and not worry about it.