Friday, July 18, 2008

Walt Disney World - Vacation Kingdom of the World 1972

Since I am still in Florida, here is a neat vintage Look at Walt Disney World in 1972.

Up first a nice glossy color brochure showcasing how WDW is the Vacation Kingdom of the World! I’ll let you know next week if it still remotely looks like it does in these 36 year old photos.

Courtesy Guest” book of 5 A thru E good on any attraction tickets from September 1972. These are the “complimentary” tickets that seem pretty plentiful even today. I think hotels and travel agents gave these out like candy, especially in the later 1970’s.

Cool Key design with the original WDW logo in it.

A run down of the attractions available in September 1972.

Here is a nice “7 Adventure" book from March 1972. It has all it’s a thru E tickets, but it's missing the main gate and transportation ticket.

Again, a slightly higher price than a “10 Adventure book” from Disneyland of the same time period. I wonder what justification Disney used to constantly charge more for the Magic Kingdom than at Disneyland. With fewer tickets and fewer attractions at the Magic Kingdom, you would think it would be cheaper? Maybe the Disney Co. had to recoup its capital expenses?

This scan was Donated by a loyal reader (D.G.). This is a complete October 1971 Magic Kingdom ticket book. It has the main gate ticket and the transportation ticket. Thank you D.G. for sending this to the blog, up until now, I had not seen an original complete ticket book, Sweet!

Some time next week I’ll give a full rundown of my Florida experience.


Major Pepperidge said...

How are you blogging every day during your trip!! Crazy! I appreciate it though, you must have set up drafts for every single day. Now THAT'S dedication.

The early days of WDW still fascinate me, once in a while I do buy a Florida item if it triggers my synapses!

Disneyana World said...

Wonderfully done.

I'm very much looking forward to your trip report.

Katella Gate said...

I'm a few posts late with this question, but I suppose I could ask it here rather than burying it in an old posting.

The original Disneyland ticket scheme was A to E, with "A" being the stubby ticket. Then it was reversed with "E" being the short coupon.

Q1: What year did this happen?

Q2: Did the introduction of tickets at Knott's Berry Farm have anything to do with it?

Knott's tickets were also printed on Globe stock, and had "Large E" coupons. Did Disney switch to ensure at a glance they weren't honoring somebody else's coupon?

As for the price difference between Disneyland and DisneyWorld: I think it's mostly a captive audience thing. If you don't like the WDW prices, it's not like you can bail and spend the day at Knott's.

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Hi Major! Yup I did get the posts ready ahead of time, how could I miss posting paper goods on the week of Disneyland’s Birthday?

Disneyana, Thanks! I will be doing a multi-part post next week about my trip.

Katella; from what I can tell, the “reversal” of the ticket sizes occurred sometime in late 1966 early 1967 and seems to coincide with Walt’s passing, I have no idea why the size changed except that by that point they were printing more “E” tickets than the rest. Knott’s didn’t start their lettered tickets until 1969/70, and since their order was reversed (“A” was there best) and they had less attractions, they never produced an “E” ticket. Their A-D tickets were on globe paper though and tend to look similar, I wonder too if there were issues with people trying to use them at Disneyland.

And Katella, Oh boy do I hear you about the captive audience!