Thursday, July 31, 2008

Walt Disney World Tickets & Stuff 2008

Today we’ve got some not so vintage tickets from Walt Disney World. These are from my trip of a couple weeks ago. These tickets look nicer in person, something happened when I scanned them so they look kind of fuzzy, maybe some form of fraud protection? Odd, since all the good stuff is on the back anyway!

These were 3 day “basic” tickets (not park hoppers). I had used up the three days during the week with Magic Kingdom, EPCOT and Animal Kingdom.

Fun folder to keep your tickets safe.

On the last day of the trip the family wanted to go to “Wet and Wild”, I was not in the mood to get wet or wild, so I dropped them off at the water park and headed to the Magic Kingdom parking lot like a moth to the light! I figured for the $11 parking I could ride the Monorails around and see the resorts. Did you know you can ride all the monorails all day with just the parking fee? Hey, don’t knock it, they have great Air Conditioning.

Anyway, when I got to the transportation center, there we no lines for the ticket booth so I went up to one of the booths. I presented my Disneyland Premium Annual Passport to see if it had an clout for a discount into the Magic Kingdom, I had more pictures to take but didn’t really have $71 left to spend for just a few hours. The nice gentleman kindly waved my AP away (as if to say “put that away or I'll hit the silent alarm”) and then he asked “have you been to any of the WDW resorts in the last 14 days?” Well, yeah, I have. I gave him my expired 3 day ticket and for $16.07 I got one more day! That's the best deal I got on the whole trip!

Now for the covers of the gate flyers and time guides for each park I visited.

Large parking tickets at 3 ¾” by 8”.

Come back this weekend for big scans of the maps from inside the above flyers. PLUS my final Walt Disney World Trip report with over 40 pictures!


Major Pepperidge said...

Sounds like you had a great trip, but... unless I missed it (impossible!), we never got to hear your general impressions of the parks, like your first view of Main Street and Cinderella's Castle, or Epcot, and all that other stuff. Maybe I'm the only person who likes to hear all of those stories!

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Hi Major! Thanks for asking about general impressions, yes, come back this weekend for the full review of the parks with tons of photos! I kind of did my reviews backwards by highlighting certain attractions I liked first, just like a kid huh?

Unknown said...

Anyone interested in 4 -1982 mint wdw admission tickets (no exp) with protective envelope?