Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Disneyland's 30th Anniversary

July 17, 1985. Disneyland had a neat logo for its 30th Anniversary. From the looks of the ticket, they went for a 24 hour party this time; I suppose 30 hours would be just too long.

The official invitation. Sister Sledge and all kinds of food for the 12:01am to 8:00am party goers. You “regular” people don’t get to enter the park until after the special meals are served.

The envelope please…..

A couple of Gift-Giver tickets. The first one was guest number 246,524,591. WOW that’s a lot of people! The second ticket is a blank, and obviously not a winner.

Here’s a fun wrapper, for Hot Dogs maybe? It does not appear to have been used. It’s got some neat artwork on it for a food wrapper.


Major Pepperidge said...

That's a lot of fun stuff, hard to believe that the 30th was 23 years ago. Love the invitation!

allyn fratkin said...

hey, i was there TOO!

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This is the most perfect invention they could do, because Disneyland is a fantasy world where not only the children but also the adults enjoy a lot in there, I say it because when I go there it's like I had five years.

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Anonymous said...

I actually won a car when this was going on. I still have my winning ticket and certificate and pictures from it. I had just turned 9 a few days before we went :-D. If I knew how to post a pic on here I'd share one of the ticket.

Diane K said...

I just came across my free Disneyland passport I won when I walked through the gate April 25, 1985. I called Disneyland today and they told me it was only good in 1985. I recall being told in was good for life.