Monday, April 7, 2008

Knott's Berry Farm - The "B" Ticket Part 3

If you missed part 2 of this series, you can find it here (link).

Today, part 3 will take us from 1979 to 1981. From some point after June 1981 Knott’s went to a “Password” unlimited ride system. I don’t know the exact date of this switch, if anyone has information please pass it on. (Same thing with Disneyland. Although I can pin-point that date in 1982 a little closer – future post alert).

From April 1979 this Child “B” ticket actually has no changes from the May 1978 Adult “B” ticket in part 2, but this “orange” Globe Paper is so vivid I just had to post it.

March 1980 has a new attraction on in its Roaring 20’s section; “Wacky Soap Box Racer (Summer 1980)”. Missing and not on any other ticket: Independence Hall and Henry’s Auto Livery. Independence Hall is still there; maybe it went to free admission at this point? “Henry’s Auto Livery” is this when it was removed?

On the Knott’s “A” ticket post (link) I was not very kind to the “Wacky Racer” or it’s first incarnation the “Motor Cycle Chase”. Well, after doing a little more research, maybe I was wrong. I never rode the “Wacky” version, but according to Rollercoaster Database, the “Motorcycle” version went 40 mph! The “Wacky” version was slowed to 30 mph. Both much faster than I thought. Here are some Wacky guests having a great race!

This attraction had an odd track system and cycles or racers. It’s kind of a “monorail” with the smaller lower rail keeping the whole thing upright. Check out more photos on the Rollercoaster Database website (link).

I rode Motorcycle Chase when it was brand new. I swear it seemed slow and kind of boring. Maybe I was traumatized because I had just rode the “Parachute Sky Jump” and almost fainted, twice!

Fiesta Village gets a new attraction on this December 1980 "B" ticket; The “Dragon Swing”. This ride is still at Knott’s today, or at least it’s on Knott's website (link).

The Dragon Swing in full swing!

December 1980 is also when Knott’s started to put the date codes on the tickets themselves, something Disneyland never did. Here is the back of the December 1980 “B” ticket above, the bottom left corner has “8012”. They started this a little late in the ticket game don’t you think?

Last of the line, this March 1981 Child “B” ticket has only one attraction change from December 1980. The Whirlwind is being renamed “Greased LightningOpen Summer ‘81". Same ride, new theme.

March 1981's other change is when Knott’s downsized the tickets, Disneyland did this in 1974. Shown for size comparison: Top – March 1981 / Bottom – April 1979.

And last for today, a nice “Welcome” brochure. It’s not dated, but I would put it around 1981.

Tomorrow: Where is this slogan from: “'Love to fly and it shows


Jason Schultz said...

Ooh, big freeway map! I believe Disney A-Z has the date that Disneyland went off the tickets.

Chris Merritt said...

Cool - although I gotta say, when the Wacky Soap Box Racers 1st opened, it was great! It was the gradual removal of sets and props that turned it into a ride on a steel track with nothing to see.

outsidetheberm said...

Since you asked... Knotts Berry Farm went to an 'unlimited' park ticket on Friday December 18th 1981 - ticket books were discontinued and guests 'paid-one-price' thereafter.

Hope that helps your 'fact file'!

gw2 gold said...

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