Saturday, April 12, 2008

Magic Mountain Wall Map - 1971

From the opening year of 1971, this Magic Mountain Wall Map is pretty cool. This is before there was any expansion. Its also true to opening day and not just an artist rendering. See some great Magic Mountain concept art on my 1971 Inaugural Guest Preview Day post (link).

I spiced this together from four large 12" by 18" scans. I did an OK job putting the pieces together (those dark lines are folds, but you see my seams too...). Somehow I got the boarder out of alignment but kept most of the inside in place. Also it lost some clarity along the way.

A slightly higher resolution file can be found here: Magic Mountain Map 1971

If anyone wants to stitch together all four pieces for themselves, in high resolution, you can download it here:

Magic Mountain Wall Map in 4 parts at 400dpi (Zip File - 38mb)

Come back tomorrow for Mega Bonus Sunday!


Chris Merritt said...

Stitching those sort of things back together can be quite a challenge. Almost easier just to bite the bullet & pay Kinko's to scan it on an oversize scanner all at once... I went through hell doing blueprints from Bud Hurlbut in sections like that years ago...

Matt said...

Sorry to bump this old thread, but I've restitched the images here:

Thanks for sharing this!

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