Monday, April 14, 2008

Knott's Berry Farm - The "C" Ticket part 1

Knott's Berry Farm underwent many changes in 1975. You can see my prior Knott's posts by checking the "labels" section on the lower right side of this blog. I just added the "labels" function to the blog, I am trying to update the previous posts and should have them all done this week.

Part one of the Knott's "C" ticket post will cover 1975 to 1977. There was no "C" ticket prior to 1975, that year Knott's went from A-B to A-B-C-D. From May 1975, this Adult "C" ticket has most of the attractions from the 1974 "B" Ticket. A nice round up if you ask me.

Next is a Child's May 1975 "C" Ticket. Basically the same thing as the Adult "C" shown above. However, this "C" ticket came from a May 1975 ticket book that still looked like the old 1974 and prior books, see next scan.

This is the Admission ticket for the the May 1975 Child Knott's Ticket book. This is the "old" style with Whittles, I thought we left him in 1974?

Here is the back, again I thought we left the "Fun" family in 1974? Dad's pipe is way out of style, come on, it's 1975! See the "755" on the lower right side, May 1975.

Things must have been a little confusing at the main gate in 1975. This is also from May 1975, this matches the ticket style much better than Whittles!

Just to further add to the confusion, there are three different "New" style May 1975 backs of the ticket books! The first two I have no idea why they are different color, everything else is the same. The third one is for "Adventures Club" member's only.

Speaking of the "Adventures Club", here is a club "C" ticket from May 1976. The new Roaring 20's land gets two attractions on the "C" ticket. The Sky Cabin, still at Knott's and I still have never been on it. The Gasoline Alley Auto Race, making it's debut on the "C" ticket but moving UP to the "B" ticket in 1977 (link). I wonder why it moved up; Fuel prices? So popular that that it made sense to move it up? Also, the Antique Auto Ride became the Tijuana Taxi, more mini car confusion!

Was the Sky Cabin originally going to be called "Sky Flight"? Or is that just a reference to the entire attraction area?

This concept art is great and while it didn't come out exactly like this, it was pretty amazing when I saw it new.

May 1977, no changes. This mustard color Globe paper is starting to grow on me, at first I thought it was kind of ugly, but now I like it.

Lets go to the Summer of 1975 for this "Knott's Good Time Gazette". Was this used as a gate flyer?

Back side lists the actives and hours. Did anyone see that TV special on Channel 5?

And of course the inside is a big MAP!!! Full high resolution scan here:

June 1975 Knott's Map (10mb)

With all the Knott's maps posted lately, I completely forgot this oldie. From 2008, do you recognize the place?


Chris Merritt said...

Cool post! That Airfield concept art was done by Wendy Pelzer, under Art Director Rick Cambell's direction, by the way....
So, When are you going to post the Hurlbut tickets? It would be cool to see the evolution of the Mine Train Ride ticket...

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Hi Chris! Wendy is a great artist! Check back Thrusday or Friday for the Hurlbut tickets & more!

Chris Merritt said...

She did about 10 renderings for the Airfield section...

gw2 gold said...

Coole post! Das Airfield concept art wurde von Wendy Pelzer getan, unter Art Director Rick Cambell die Richtung, die von der Art und Weise ....
Also, wenn Sie gehen, um die Hurlbut Tickets schreiben? Es wäre cool, um die Entwicklung der Mine Train Ride Ticket sehen ...

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