Saturday, April 5, 2008

Find Out What's Gotten Into The New Matterhorn

Find out what’s gotten into the New Matterhorn” It really was a great upgrade; I haven’t heard too many people that beg for the “old” version to be put back.

Gate Flyer from September 3-9, 1978.

Main Street Electrical Parade, Count Basie, The New Mousketeers, “Magnificent Music ‘N’ Motion Machine” (see back page below for details of this disco dream) and so much more entertainment! What was “Kids of the Kingdom” all about?

Facts & Features:

A summertime show you’ll never forget” Anyone remember?

Here is your guide complete guide in PDF format for your visit to 1978. Enjoy.

Disneyland Guide Book Fall/Winter 1978-79 (21mb)

Tomorrow is Knott’s Bonus Sunday!


Jason Schultz said...

Thanks for sharing! The Kids of the Kingdom were a "group of talented and energetic young singers and dancers who perform at the Disney parks." A-Z says they began at Disneyland in the summer of 1974, but I have reason to believe they might have been performing as early as 1968. I don't yet know when they went away.

gw2 gold said...

Thanks for sharing! Die Kids des Königreichs waren eine "Gruppe von talentierten und energischen jungen Sänger und Tänzer, die an den Disney Parks durchzuführen." AZ sagt, sie begann bei Disneyland im Sommer 1974, aber ich habe Grund zu glauben, sie könnten so früh wie 1968 wurden durchgeführt. Ich weiß noch nicht, wann sie wegging.gw2 gold
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