Sunday, April 6, 2008

More Knott’s Berry Farm Maps & Sunday Bonus

If you missed the Knott’s Berry Farm Map Comparison Post from earlier in the week, you can see it here (link). Today's post is technically part two.

Today we have 5 great map scans that were donated to the blog. This is so exciting to be pulling this information together from various sources. This is at the core of why I wanted to start this blog.

Christopher Merritt sent me the first three scans on today’s post. Christopher has a new Knott’s book coming out soon that I can’t wait to read!

A 1971 large size souvenir "fun" map by Paul Butler.

Another “fun” map, this one is from 1979 and by Bob Bates. I really like the art work on this one, the boarder is so "fun" to look at.

“For extra fun, here's a map of the long lost Jungle Island drawn by Robin Hall just prior to its demolition.” WOW, now that's rare! Thanks Christopher!

Chris Jepsen over at “O.C. Historical Roundup” (link) donated these next two rare scans from the Orange County Archive (link) a place I plan to visit soon! Thanks for the maps Chris!

From Chris “I think the attached 1953 map may not have actually been released. Note that edits are faintly visible on the street names. (They got Grand and Hwy 39 mixed up.)” – Full Map Scan (link)

Halloween 1976. Did you know “Knott’s Halloween Haunt” started in 1973? I sure didn’t. Check out the “history” tab on this neat website: - Full Map Scan (link)

Did you notice the Knott’s Bicentennial Logo on the 1976 map above? It’s also featured on the Independence Hall page of the 1976 Souvenir Guide book at the end of this post. This logo looks great, it’s official and classy.

Now as promised on Monday’s Knott’s “B” ticket post (link) today's Sunday Bonus is the entire “Knott’s Souvenir Edition” guide book. TRUST ME, this has got to be the finest guide/magazine that Knott’s ever put together. It’s got tons of original photo’s that are outstanding, be sure to checkout the food sections near the end, yummy....

The text is an easy ready and very informative. IMHO, this guide captures Knott’s at its finest hour. It still had all the great original charm and attractions, plus so many new and exiting things; this was a fun time to be at Knott’s. 36 all color pages cover to cover, this full "magazine size" guide makes for a big PDF file, well worth the download I guarantee it!

Knott’s Souvenir Edition Guide Book 1976 (93mb)

What? You haven’t had enough Knott’s yet???? Tomorrow: Knott's Berry Farm - The "B" Ticket Part 3.


Jay Jennings said...

Cool post! Love the maps, of course, especially that little known sketch-map from '53!

The Bob Bates map is not from 1976 I'm afraid. In fact, it's from 1979. This was pointed out to me on my own blog by Chris Jepsen after I posted the same map.

Montezooma's Revenge (located on the lower right hand corner of the map) opened in 1979, not '76.

Other than that, keep up the good work, Tim!

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Hi Jay,

Thanks for the nice comments!

Oh, yes, that is 1979, I even remember reading that on your blog. I guess we just think it LOOKS 1976 even though its 1979. Like I think you said, this "style" started in 1976 :-) I correct the post.

Major Pepperidge said...

Wow, that is some incredible post. Great job! I love the "fun maps", only I wish they were larger so that I could savor the details. Thanks for the scans of the souvenir guidebook!

The plan for Jungle Island brings back lots of fond memories of that place. We'd burn off lots of energy running around there, so my mom loved it.

Chris Merritt said...
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Chris Merritt said...

Ooops! My mistake - that is of course from at earliest 1979... In my rush to get the maps emailed, I forgot to consider Montezooma's Revenge!

The 1953 "sketch" map was handed out - we have one in our files here at WDI that Harper Goff brought back from a research trip - although he mentions the date that they went as Dec. 4, 1952 - so it may be a late '52 map. Still, it does say "Kopyrighted 1953" - so who knows? Dating Knott's paper items can be a challenge!

Anonymous said...

Coole post! Ich liebe die Karten, natürlich, vor allem, dass wenig bekannt Lageskizze von '53!

Der Bob Bates Karte ist nicht von 1976, fürchte ich. In der Tat, es ist von 1979. Dies wurde mir auf meinem eigenen Blog von Chris Jepsen, nachdem ich die gleiche Karte geschrieben hingewiesen.

Montezooma Rache (befindet sich auf der rechten unteren Ecke der Karte) eröffnet im Jahr 1979, nicht '76.

Other than that, halten Sie die gute Arbeit, Tim!guild wars 2 gold eu
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Anonymous said...

A friend at work mentioned finding this posting - I am the Paul Butler who drew map number one in the early 70's. And I am delighted to know that it's now permanently ensconced on the WWW to be shared with generations to come.

Thanks for posting it. The 36"x24" full color copies were sold at the park for $1, although Knott's distributed thousands of smaller black-and-white copies to everyone as they entered.

Great job of generating wonderful memories!