Sunday, April 13, 2008

Mega Bonus Sunday

As promised throughout the week, here are four "complete scans". High resolution in PDF Format.

From Summer 1960, Vacationland. Slow down Mickey, you're spinning it to fast! Neat stuff inside about Natures Wonderland, the all new Disney After Dark and lots more.

Vacationland - Summer 1960 (52mb)

Now for a couple of guide books back to back. Summer 1973. Notable; First and only Main Street Electrical Parade cover. The last showing of the Carousel of Progress can be found on page 23.

Disneyland Guide Book - Summer 1973 (12mb)

Summer 1974. Notable; The New America Sings on the cover, first and only cover appearance. Guide shortened by 4 pages (one sheet) achieved by making New Orleans Square and Bear County only one page each, the "Shops and Stores" section was also reduce to two pages from four.

Disneyland Guide Book - Summer 1974 (11mb)

And staying in 1974,this Disneyland Family Special is a fun little guide. If you have even seen a Walt Disney World guide like this, it's daunting, zillions of choices and plans. The Disneyland plans are a little more conventional and seem like more fun! I decided against the Pinto, for obvious reasons, and the Torino/Galaxy of that year is a bit of a pig, so I'm going with the Capri, three days for $54!

Disneyland Family Special - 1974 (18mb)

Tomorrow: The continuation of the Knott's Lettered ticket series, the "C" Ticket.


Jason Schultz said...

These are great! I haven't looked at them yet, but I'm sure they're great. :)

Daveland said...

That's not a mega-bonus; that's a giga-bonus!

mr wiggins said...

Great stuff VDT! Very much appreciated. :D

gw2 gold said...

Und bleiben im Jahr 1974, ist dies Disneyland Family Special ein wenig Spaß Führung. Wenn Sie auch nur einen Walt Disney World Guide Gefällt Ihnen dieses gesehen haben, ist es entmutigend, Myriaden von Entscheidungen und Pläne. Die Disneyland Pläne sind ein wenig mehr konventionelle und scheinen, wie mehr Spaß! Ich entschied mich gegen die Pinto, aus offensichtlichen Gründen, und das Torino / Galaxy dieses Jahr ist ein bisschen wie ein Schwein, so bin ich mit dem Capri gehen, drei Tage für $ 54!guild wars 2 gold
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