Thursday, April 3, 2008

Disneyland Parking Tickets - Part 2

Before taking a second look at old Disneyland Parking Tickets, maybe check out the first parking ticket post here (link).

This parking ticket is interesting. "Good Only Thru Jan. 2, 1966" I wonder what the starting date was? "Delco-Remy" General Motors electrical component division, maybe this was part of the "Magic Kingdom Club" program? (Side note: There is a big multi-post coming soon on the "Club") Punched "void", I don't think it was voided because it was used, perhaps it's one of those "behind the scenes" tickets that was saved for some reason?

From 1986, this looks like a "free parking ticket". "Complimentary Parking Receipt" - I guess technically this is not the "free ticket" as the "free ticket" must have been exchanged for this ticket.

This is the ticket in 1985 that Disneyland would exchange for $2 out of your wallet or purse. Don't forget to mark you parking location...

"The Lion King - Parking Lots" That's the sequel that went straight to DVD!

This is that period when the old lot was closed, but the new parking structure wasn't finished yet. I remember seeing the construction walls for up around the "old" parking lot and thinking "WOW, this must be the new Westcot I've heard about" NOT!!!

I just got news I have to work in Orange County this morning. Hmmmmm, if the skies are clear I'm going to the park for lunch! Thank goodness my AP covers PARKING!

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Jason Schultz said...

I can't even tell you how many of those Lion King and Pinocchio cards I collected in the late 1990s!