Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Disneyland Executive Club & Three Fences revisited

For the lucky few, it’s Disneyland’s “Executive Club”. The "Executive Club" is not to be confused with the "Magic Kingdom Club” (ticket & book shown in yesterday’s post). The Magic Kingdom Club only provided discounts and bonus tickets to employees of big companies and organization, check back soon for a post series about the Magic Kingdom Club.

The Executive Club was set up for companies and organizations to buy tickets to Disneyland and GIVE THEM AWAY!!! How come I never worked for a place like that?

I love the way this is worded… I picture some guy in a polyester business suit and a big cigar entertaining his guests “without ever leaving his office”.

At first it looks like streaks from the scanner, but I think it's strings from the balloons, odd picture.

Free ticket books, free meals – Hey that 1970’s couple is eating at the Tahitian Terrance (I heard a rumor it might be coming back). And a VIP Hostess Tour for "extra-special guests".

This certificate system was neat. The company or organization only paid for what was redeemed. I think I have some of these blank certificates somewhere, can't find them, ugh, so much for organizing my collections. I post them when I find them.

I got lucky and was able to stop by Disneyland for lunch yesterday. Check out the gate flyer! I have gotten so used to the “year of a million” fluff on the front that I didn’t notice this until I got home. What a great picture of the Matterhorn, it almost looks like an old photo, right down to the authentic Mickey Tee-shirts. Nice touch whoever came up with this one.

It almost looks like this from the Summer of 1971. Of course you can find this full Vacationland posted on this coming Bonus Sunday.

I went back to “Three Fences”, some things at Disneyland just draw me to them. I got a better picture this time. Jason at Disneyland Nomenclature reports the black fence is from the Autopia combine of 1999/2000, the green fence on the right I believe is from the Sub-Nemo update of 2007. That fence along the back is the one that draws my attention (yes I touched it). Compare this with the last two photo’s below.

From Daveland, this is Autopia in 1956. That fence is definitely the same style as the old one at “Three Fences” now, but it can’t be that old.

Also from Daveland, this 1959 pre-opening shot of the sub lagoon area shows the same type of fence. Do you think that 3 ½ panel section that is still there is from 1959?



walterworld said...

Great post---And I would say that the piece of fence is indeed from that old vintage 1959. I always liked those fences...Still prefer them to today's stuff.

Hey...On a side note: I have a theory that the current Tomorrowland train station was once the same platform used for the Viewliner...All pictures I've seen seem to support this. Check it out next time you see a vintage Viewliner station shot.

Thanks for posting---

Unknown said...

Great post, VDT. Regarding the 'vintage' Mickey Ts on the gate flyer I just returned from a business trip to Orlando and was pleasantly surprised to see a ton of retro-style merchandise at the Polynesian Resort. (I picked up a T with the 1971 WDW logo on it.) Perhaps this style is back for a while?

Major Pepperidge said...

I remember wearing my Disneyland-purchased Mickey sweatshirt back in the 70's, and people in school asking me where I got it. That was obviously before you could go to your local mall and get something like that any day of the week!

Jason Schultz said...

I concur that the fence is probably from 1959.

Walterworld: I heard/read from somewhere authoritative that they reused the Viewliner's Tomorrowland structure for the Tomorrowland Train Station. I just don't remember where!

Daveland said...

Excellent post! Next year we should all gather and celebrate The 50+ Anniversary of that fence! Good eye!

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Thanks everyone! I still have a couple vintage Disneyland tee-shirts, the are when I was a vintage size however!

That fence must be from 1959, be sure to touch it next time your there. I like the 50th Celebration idea, what was the dedication date of Disneyland 59?

Never heard that about the Viewliner Station being the Tomorrowland Station? It just so happens I might be in Tomorrowland tomorrow, so I will be taking lots of pictures of that station!