Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Your Guide to Disneyland - October 1973

From October 1973 here’s a fun Disneyland pamphlet “Your Guide to the Happiest Place on Earth”. This is similar to a April 1977 pamphlet from a previous post (link). In the 1977 Guide the photos and the format looked “older”, I’d say some of it originated with this 1973 guide. Apparently “Monday” was of some significance to someone.

The “ABC’s” of ticket books. I see the Pack Mules thru Nature’s Wonderland is on the “E” ticket list – The mules had probably just closed for good when this was printed.

Sorry Disneyland is Closed” What? The disappointment from kids pulling up to a “closed” Disneyland must have been brutal.

The guide opens up to this mini poster, lots of cool photos and some classic Mickey Balloons!

Loyal blog readers with great memories will recall I've posted a guide very similar to this one two years ago (link) The guide one from the 2008 post is from June 1973 and compares it to a 1968 guide.

New Blog Alert *Main Gate Admission* is a great newer (well, it’s almost a year old) blog that I just recently found. It’s lean and mean, with some super Vintage photos and paper goods. Be sure and check out all the previous posts. *Main Gate Admission*


Major Pepperidge said...

Can you imagine how many families didn't do their homework and showed up at the park on a "closed" day? Arg!

Viewliner Ltd. said...

1973 was a good year Tim. Thanks for the heads-up on the blog. Great stuff. Always appreciated.

Anonymous said...

I know I have held those brochures in my hands, they all look so familiar. All gone now, of course. Thanks for a great post!

Off to check out Main Gate Admission.


healthcare said...

i like some classic photos of mickey balloons. At disneyland picture or photose would be great. Thanks for the post

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Sorcerer Mickey said...

"Can we SHOP at Disneyland?

Oh my stars, YES!