Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Magic Mountain - Gravity Defied 1976

It's been too long since we've had a Magic Mountain post, gotta pay some attention to Disneyland's Stepsister to the north. In 1976 when the Revolution premiered at Magic Mountain all my friends couldn't wait to ride it while I was honestly scared to death of the darn thing. After being peer-pressured into riding it I was glad I did, although it still gives me goose bumps on that long drop as you head into the loop.

Wow, five roller coasters and Magic Mountain was considered the "Roller Coaster Center of the World".

Here's a few "Silk Finish" snaps shots of Magic Mountain from its first few years. These are tiny prints at 2" by 2" and the silk finish makes then really weird if you zoom in, does anyone know how to remove that?

The "Galaxy" was a one time event for me - just look at thing, its like a monster and you're only seeing half of it! Even though the colors may be a little "off" in this photo, I do recall it had a weird paint job.

The "Jet Stream" is one of my favorites. This photo shows the left side drop in use. The left side has been closed for years, I wonder why.

This poorly composed photo sure gives you an idea of how murky the water was on "El Bumpo". That water had a "unique" smell when it got hot outside, it was "two-stoke exhaust enriched".


Major Pepperidge said...

Great MM stuff! That texture on the silk finish prints is probably too pronounced to make it go away without a lot of time and effort. They're still neat pictures though!

TokyoMagic! said...

Stepsister to the North? Defying Gravity? Hmmm, sounds Wicked.

I see Metro track behind the Galaxy! You didn't say it, so I'll say it for you (and for myself too)....BRING BACK THE METRO!

outsidetheberm said...

The Galaxy was such a unique - and enjoyable - ride, especially in the evening. It seemed to disappear from the park all too soon.

Thanks for the nice reminder.