Thursday, February 11, 2010

Indiana Jones Adventure Cast Preview - February 11, 1995

It’s been fifteen years since Indiana Jones Adventure opened at Disneyland. This ticket was for a Cast Member Sneak Preview exactly fifteen years ago, February 11, 1995. Disneyland I.D. required, no “regular” guests allowed! So this attraction was open all day, in plain view of paying guests, but only cast members got to ride it? Is that how they usually preview new attractions?

Speaking of new attractions, isn’t this the last real “E” ticket added to the park? FIFTEEN years and no new “E” ticket attraction? The Rocket Rods do not qualify as an “E” Ticket, I rode it twice, it was a solid “D” ticket. Great “Hand” stamp on the back of the ticket. Be sure and see the Indiana Jones Adventure "Commemorative" ticket on my March 2008 post "Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Forbidden Eye"

If there was still a Vacationland Magazine in 1995 I’d show it to you, but they stopped making them ten years earlier. In 1994 Disney News became the Disney Magazine, which is really like Vacationland and Disney News merged together. They are actually pretty good.

Nice four page article on the new Indiana Jones Adventure attraction.

Hey, this talks about the how to activate the “booby trap” ceiling in the spike chamber in the queue line, I always use that trick to scare people!

160,000 possible ride combinations” – I’ve either got a great memory (not likely) or there are only a few combinations in use these days.

This is a super four page article shows how Walt was proud of relationship with Corporate America. Ironic that a “Corporation” with his name became one of America’s largest. Some amazing signage photos in this article.

Here’s another well produced article, this one is about Walt’s apartment at Disneyland.

I don’t think I’ve seen the wide shot of the interior before or the patio, nice!

Neat story, more excellent photos.

No advertisements in this magazine, well, maybe this.


Major Pepperidge said...

I really like the Cicely Rigdon story, so interesting to hear from people who actually interacted with Walt. I once bought a souvenir map from a lady who lived near me, she said that she used to work at the Hills Bros. coffee shop, and that Walt used to come in for a pastry all the time.

outsidetheberm said...

That cast member preview of Indiana Jones was a bit unfriendly to the paying guests, wasn't it? Would be surprised if they've done it like that since.

not a real blog said...

Great post. Re: e tickets, I don't think D-land needs anything new new e-tickets any time soon. The crowds there are crazy as it is ... I want them to focus of DCA.