Sunday, February 7, 2010

Bonus Sunday

Welcome to Bonus Sunday. On Wednesday’s post (link) we took a look at the Disney News Magazine which had a great article on Space Mountain. The only problem was the article had black & white photographs. It just so happens the Fall-Winter 1977-78 edition of Vacationland has the same article but in color. And well, honestly, the Vacationland issue is much better than the Disney News anyway.

Here is the complete Fall-Winter 1977-78 issue of Vacationland; it’s a large issue at 30 pages. Why in the world did they remove the escalator?

Vacationland Fall-Winter 1977-78 – 125mb

Actually, some of the photos are different altogether from the Disney News version, like this one.

This looks much better in color. I miss the Space Place; I’ll trade Red Rockets for it.

Here’s a close up of the original Starcade. I love those murals! The orange floor tiles were still there a couple weeks ago (link) , let’s hope they’re still there.

These Vacationlands really showcased all of the other attractions Southern California had to offer.


TokyoMagic! said...

How is Goofy going to breath in outer space without a helmet? He was wearing one in the Disney News version of the article.

mfeige said...

I know you weren't a big fan of Florida's version of almost anything, but if you ever make it to Tokyo Disneyland I suspect you'll be quite a big fan of the entrance to Space Mountain as it is just as depicted although it is alligned quite different in tomorrow land, as is all of tomorrowland. (You can enter tomorrowland via what is Center Street on most Main Streets and there you will find in a large hangar, Star Tours!)


Major Pepperidge said...

How'd you like to be the person who was in the Mickey costume? Not only are you wearing that stuffy mouse head, but then you have a clear plastic helmet ( i.e. a miniature greenhouse) on top of that.

outsidetheberm said...

An improved Starcade is rumored to be coming back soon. Maybe something similar to those murals will return, too!

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