Wednesday, February 3, 2010

“Nite of Joy” at Disneyland - February 3, 1978.

Set your time machine back exactly 32 years and you too can enjoy a “Nite of Joy” at Disneyland February 3, 1978. According to Disney’s Youth Programs website (link) the current “Night of Joy” event celebrates rock, pop and gospel Contemporary Christian music. I wonder if this includes Christian crunkcore (link).

Free parking. How come there is no “Alcoholic beverages not allowed” warning like on the Grad Nite tickets?

This cover to the Disney News Magazine Winter 1977/78 is rather dizzy looking.

Wow check out the College Musicians, nice outfits!

A great three page article about “our” Space Mountain.

How about when EO is done with his run, tear the roof of the theater and return it to this?

Bad Disney fan alert – I’ve never seen Pete’s Dragon. For some reason it always reminded me of Pipi Longstocking and this photo only reinforces that fear.


TokyoMagic! said...

Yeah, tear down that roof and those walls and BRING BACK THE SPACE STAGE! (After Captain EO is through with it's run, of course.) Actually, they could show 3-D movies outdoors at night like they originally did with "Magic Journeys." Maybe that way, with a reduced number of show times, they would actually have a full audience for every showing.

Major Pepperidge said...

Everybody knows that rock music is "of the Devil"!

TokyoMagic!, they showed Magic Journeys outside at night??

Katella Gate said...

Yes, I also think that enclosing the fore-court of Space Mountain was a mistake. I want to stress this is not just that blank nostalgia -- "Bring back the Disneyland of my Childhood" nonsense. The building reconfiguration killed the Space Mountain approach. Now it seems like a walk thru a parking garage -- a dreary obstacle course on the way to the attraction itself.

As for "Pete's Dragon", well, here's a YouTube clip of "Money by the Pound" where the bad guys talk about hacking up the Dragon into "tiny little bits" because it turns out the Dragon is worth more in dead little parts than as alive and whole. If Jeffery Dahmer had a theme song, this is it.

BTW, "Pete's Dragon" is almost contemporary with "Cabaret" and it shows in this money-mad song. Compare with "Money Makes the World Go Round". With Red Buttons as Joel Gray.

TokyoMagic! said...

Yes, Major....they did show Magic Journey's outdoors and at night. I think it's success is what led to them to enclose the area for Captain EO.

Katella, I agree with your "walk thru a parking garage" analogy!