Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Captain EO Returns to Disneyland

Wanna come with me and check out the premier of Captain EO's return to the Magic Eye Theater in Tomorroland? Visit my trip report blog - link below:

Trip Report Captain EO - February 23, 2010


Major Pepperidge said...

Well OK!

Zanuck said...

Thanks so much for providing a thorough, on-the-spot trip report. I am not a gigantic Michael Jackson fan, but a fan. More a fan of being in that theatre for the best 3-D movie experience this side of Avatar. I agree with you that the crowds in that part of Tomorrowland will be welcome. Wanted to let you know I posted that great pic of the sign on Twitter under the name theinnbetweener. Love the blog. Keep up the great work!