Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Videopolis Press Kit - Part 2

Let’s take a look at the rest of the Videopolis press kit. The record sleeve makes no mention of what’s on the record inside or who is the artist. The other side of the sleeve is identical to this side.

The record is self is gives no credit or mention of its content other than “Videopolis”. I figured this would be a mid ‘80’s band like the Banarama or something along those lines. Boy was I wrong; you have got to listen to this song. It’s a custom made “hit” just for Videopolis, “I’m going to the Top – Videopolis”. Is it just me or is this tune vaguely familiar? Did they play it at the park? Both sides of the record are the same song.

Videopolis Record in MP3 Format – 5mb

Videopolis Record in WMA Format – 2.5mb

More press release information. This information is fascinating for future fashion designer historians; check out the cast member costume colors; pink, cantaloupe, turquoise, orchid and jasmine on pleated shirts with suspenders, and it just gets worse from there.

90 television monitors, what was the carbon footprint of that beast? Can you image how cool it would be with flat screens?

High-energy Rock Bands – Rock on Videopolis!

Lastly, a lonely unused Videopolis button.

I hope you enjoyed this fun look at Videopolis, I sure did.


Pegleg Pete said...

Wow. That's a mighty big dollop of '80s-ness for a cold Wednesday morning. That era now seems almost as quaint as the fifties and early sixties. Thanks for a great post. Rock on Videopolis people!

Pegleg Pete said...

And that song! OMG! What can one say, but 'Wow'.

Geoff Carter said...

They _did_ play that song at the Park. It was used to open the club every weekend night. Not that I was actually there, or anything like that. Um, a friend told me. Yeah.

TokyoMagic! said...

"Everyone's DOIN' IT right on the screen" Hmmmmmm. Yeah, I remember that song too...I wonder if they used it for the television commercial too. The only time I ever really went inside Videopolis was during the 30 hour party for DL's 30th Anniversary. I've mentioned it before, but the only things I remember about being in there is seeing Animotion perform "Obsession," and watching Prince's video for "1999" play on all the screens. I did buy the glittery button and postcard/bumpersticker though...just for posterity.

Great press kit info...thanks for posting it. I agree with Pegleg Pete...the eighties do seem kind of quaint now.