Thursday, November 26, 2009

Walt Disney's Magazine - August 1957

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. As a special holiday treat, here’s some fun selected articles from the August 1957 edition of Walt Disney’s Magazine (Formerly Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse Club Magazine)

While not directly related to Thanksgiving, as hero of American Folklore, Johnny Appleseed certainly was a great American in the tradition of Paul Bunyan and Davy Crockett. Al Dempster provides the excellent illustration; see the original art work over at Kevin Kidney’s Flickr site (link).

Where is the Carnation Delivery Truck today? It appears to have been a working vehicle just like the rest of the Gurrmobiles, if they have it, they should run again.

Here’s some wonderful Paul Hartley illustrations and an interesting article on how money began.

You can also see the original of this Paul Hartley beauty over at Kevin Kidney’s Flickr site (link).

Lots of self promotion in this magazine.

Why did they handle the subscriptions though New York?

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Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!