Thursday, November 19, 2009

Souvenir Thursday & a new Trip Report blog

Today is Modern souvenir day here on the blog. Before we get started with the souvenir, please take note that I have created a new blog to off-load my trip reports. Having recently tried to show my blog to someone only to have it hang there while loading 40+ photos, I decided to move the trip reports to their own blog. It’s sort of a sub-blog to this one. Please be sure and visit the new blog as there is a brand new post today. I’ll still let you know about the trip reports here with a photo and a link.

Disneyland Trip Reports Blog – November 17, 2009

On my trip to the park on Tuesday I actually bought myself a souvenir and not just a $5 antenna ball! The photo below is from a visit to the park in October when I spotted this Silver “E” ticket. At the time I didn’t have an extra $75 for this unexpected find.

Well I saved my pennies and bought myself a Silver E-Ticket! It’s pretty cool & heavy. This is correct for a 1960 “E” ticket. Note I got #149 of 1,955 produced.

The Silver “E” ticket comes in this fancy velvet box from the “Art of Disney Theme Parks”.

Also included is this replica 1960 ticket book minus the “E” ticket of course. While the attractions are correct, you could argue that the “B” ticket is missing the Midget Autopia and the “D” ticket is missing Storybook Land and the Columbia, but they're close enough. The paper is all wrong however, I believe this is the same replica book that came with a Gold “E” ticket a few years back. Either way, it’s not even close to the excellent 1959 Replica Ticket book from two years ago (link).

$75 is a bit step for a silver plated ticket, but as luck would have it the good folks at Disneyland upped the premium AP discount to 20% for the Holiday’s!

My Certificate of Verification. Who would try and forge one of these anyway?

The velvet box also comes inside of another box emblazoned with this logo.


TokyoMagic! said...


Now I'm off to check out your trip report!

Major Pepperidge said...

That silver ticket was just made for somebody with a vintage Disneyland ticket blog! Too bad they couldn't replicate the Globe paper on that repro ticket book.

You're gonna do another blog? Zowie, I have a hard enough time doing one. I'm definitely going to check it out though, I love those trip reports!