Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Disneyland Main Gate Pass - 1970

Today we’ve got a “slightly worn” Disneyland Main Gate Pass. I didn’t realize this pass had a date on it until I scanned it. Now I can see the “1970” in the background. Were these for employees only? It doesn’t say you have to show your employee ID.

The gold old days when the wife wasn’t just refereed to as “Mrs. Man’s Name”, but her signature was that was as well! This is like an AP for up to four people and parking! Its interesting how this pass has no expiration date. I suppose the “1970” on the front assumes it’s only good in 1970, but it doesn’t say that anywhere on the pass.


Major Pepperidge said...

Interesting! I have *never* seen a main gate pass that looked like this before.

It looks like Mrs. Cecil P. Jenkin wanted folks to know that she had a name that was a little bit more feminine when she added "Clara"!

Brittney said...

Are those the same phone numbers? what happens if you call 'em?

Jason Schultz said...

I only have a reference to a Cecil Jenkins (note the plural) in the thesaurus. But the Line in its early years frequently spelled people's names wrong, so perhaps this is the same person as who your pass is from:

Disneyland Line (2/21/1973): Cecil Jenkins, Animation Mechanic in Maintenance Department #734, retired last week after seven years of service with Disneyland. Cecil thanks all of you who attended his retirement party and gave him so many gifts.

Anonymous said...

Several years ago, a patient told me that she had 4 passes to Disneyland with no expiration date from her dad who installed phones for Disneyland when it opened. He got them from Mr. Walt Disney himself. There were no separate eating area in Disneyland at the time. Therefore, my patient's dad and Mr. Disney used to eat together at times. Mr. Disney would always talk to him about how he's doing with installing the phones and other things when they ate together.
She (my patient) said that she and 3 other people could use the passes if they go to Disneyland. She also said that if she had grandchildren, nieces or nephews, she could give the tickets to them and that they could use it but she's the only child. At the time she told me about this, she was thinking of selling the tickets; I don't know if she did. That was the first and last time I spoke to her.