Friday, November 13, 2009

Golden Horseshoe Reservation Ticket

At one time you needed a reservation at the Golden Horseshoe. I’m guessing this was back when they actually had waitresses that brought you food you ordered from a menu like this one (link) from Stuff from the Park. This reservation card is undated, the style is similar to the menu and the Pepsi logo suggests it’s from the 1970’s. The code on the bottom right makes no sense at all to me…

How about a short game of “Before and After” with the Golden Horseshoe’s next door neighbor? Again from the wonderful “Stuff from the Park” blog, here’s the Oaks Tavern from 1960.

The Tavern gave way to the Stage Door Café in 1978. This photo from last week shows the changes over 49 years. Some elements are identical (how cool is that!) and there are some significant changes. Here’s my big question; what happened to the wooden porch? Not only is it gone, but did the ground actually rise or did the building get lower?

Happy Friday the 13th!


Major Pepperidge said...

Maybe if you take that ticket to the Golden Horseshoe, it will magically return to the way it used to be, with Wally and Betty and Fulton all young and wonderful again!

I'm sure that the little porch caused more than a few folks to trip every day (you know how people are). I really don't like the way the smooth continuous street/"sidewalk" thing looks, it feels less real and more like an amusement park, which was what Walt was trying to avoid.

Katella Gate said...

I'm sorry to see the elevated sidewalks go bye-bye too, but it's a practical necessity. Those boardwalks were right out of the Victorian Period, where if you tripped and fell you were stooopid. Today, you trip and fall and you're rich.

Anonymous said...

Apart from the "slip, trip, lost my grip" lawsuits, there is also the plaintiffs paradise of the American Disabilities Act, which has another huge level of potentially unlimited liabilities for property owners. It would not be a difficult construction project to raise the outside grade and make the porch go away, so put this one down to wheelchair access.