Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Passports to Disneyland - Spring 1977

This article from the Spring 1977 edition of the Disney News explains the new “Exclusive” Passport to Disneyland (available only to Magic Kingdom Club Members). The article refers to some vintage passports that were “brightly colored wrist ribbons” has anyone ever seen one of those?

Here are two unused passports from the first run in 1977, just think of those unrealized happy memories. These Passports were only good until May 31, 1977, so forget about using them in the busy summer months and you’ve only got 4 days to use them for the new Space Mountain.

The basic disclaimers are on the back. What if you have nowhere to tie the little string?

The 1977 passports are HUGE! As you can see here by 1978 they got the passport down to a more reasonable size. And they added a little brass grommet to prevent the string from tearing loose; I wonder how many complaints City Hall got with the first tickets “All I have left is this stupid sting!

The cover to the Spring 1977 edition of the Disney News.

On page 18 you’ll find the prices for Disneyland and fun note about the up coming Space Mountain – is that Space Mountain font great or what?

A nice two page article about the La Boutique d’Or in New Orleans Square. Is this shop still there? With 35+ visits to Disneyland in the past 2 years you’d think I would know this!!

Artificial snow at Disneyland, like that’ll ever happen!

Possibly more than you ever wanted to know about the Disneyland Band.

Ooo-la-la” Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo, I remember waiting in line to see this in a theater that had only one screen, do they still have those?


TokyoMagic! said...

I remember that Xmas special with Sandy Duncan. There was another one too, called "Sandy At Disneyland." I have grainy video copies of both of those....why don't they put those out on DVD???

Matt said...

That Disney News is very interesting...I've always been curious about 'Mrs. Rabbit', she appears on the Disneyland Donruss cards too. Is her name perhaps Maryann?

Katella Gate said...

Re the wristbands: I was going to the part 3x a year in the late 70's and never remember seeing these. Maybe it was a ticketing media concept that never took off because of cost per unit issues.

As for the passport string tearing out of the hole: Yes they did, and that's why I kept mine in my wallet.

Major Pepperidge said...

You could always loop the string over one ear. I think I remember some sort of passport that really looked like a passport; It had a leather-looking cardboard cover. I wish I could remember what the interior looked like, I almost want to say that it had little tear-out tickets on pages, so perhaps it didn't let you go on every ride as much as you wanted like today's passports. The Ticket King had at least one.

Yendorb said...

I remember a ribbon that accompanied the passport in 76, had some kind of olympic tie in, and was needed along with the passport, like a wristband.

walterworld said...

Ahhh...I miss 1977. A good year to be 9 (at least for me).

We received the Disney News and I remember getting all excited when an issue would show up. Used to save up most of my allowances all Spring for the Summer Disneyland trip. What fun memories!

I didn't think the Rescuers was that great a movie, and I missed the Herbie flick. Of course, 1977 belonged to Star Wars...

Rebel said...

I remember in the late 60's or early 70's when corporations had their promotional day at the park and if you were an employee of theirs, you were issued a green ribbon in lieu of a ticket book. It was good for any ride and
you could go on as many times as you wanted.