Thursday, November 12, 2009

Divers Sunday at Disneyland - November 12, 1978

It’s finally that day you’ve been waiting for so come “Join in the fun” because it’s Divers Sunday at Disneyland, November 12, 1978. Looks like those wacky Divers had their IQ10 Convention at the Disneyland Hotel November 9th thru the 12th, with the big Disneyland Party on the last day.

The fall of 1978 was also Mickey Mouse’s 50th birthday (November 18th to be exact), maybe that’s why he is on the Divers flyer too? This Fall/Winter 1978-79 Vacationland celebrates Mickey 50th in grand style, with lots of great Mickey pictures. I know for myself, I tend to forget, “it all started with a mouse”.

Since its “Disneyland’s” Vacationland magazine, there’s plenty of stuff about the park. Some day I need to take the tour, I bet that would make an interesting trip report.

I let out a loud sigh when me eyes went to this photo, I sure do miss the old PeopleMover. Check out the guy on the left in the very back – what is with those clothes? 1978 is no excuse to look like that!!!

Bring back the American Egg House too! This area is currently under-utilized to say the least.

To read the rest of these articles and the rest of the Fall/Winter 1978 Vacationland, come back on Bonus Sunday. Happy 81st Birthday Mickey Mouse!


Katella Gate said...

Funny, out of all the graphics on this page, my eyes went right to the guy in the back of the Peoplemover line too. He actually looks cool down to the waist, then he's dressed like Leisure World Larry.

But the good news is the chicks can't see the plaid shorts and black socks while he's tooling around in his black "Bandit" Trans Am. (Which, of all the cars I drove, I miss the most. Sniff)

Major Pepperidge said...

I like the "Close Eggcounters" riff on "Close Encounters of the Third Kind", which was a big hit the year before...

TokyoMagic! said...

I have "half a picture" of the Egg House Restaurant that will be in my next post....coincidentally!